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Weasel Windshield questions


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Does anyone have the following info?

Windshield glass dimensions? (to get them cut to...)

Glass thickness ( just in case its different from flat, easy to get glass.) 

Type/ style and size of the rubber "glazing channel" that the glass sits in in the frame

Am doing 2 windshields shortly.



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Hello Merc51 @Merc51,

Apology for taking time to get back to you but I had to dig out of my shed an old Weasel windscreen pane that I had saved.

A bit of a disclaimer here. The dimension below are 'As Measured'.

The length of the glass is 689mm (2' 3-1/8")

The height is 402mm ( 1' 3-13/16")

Thickness 6.35mm ( 1/4" inch)

BTW the pane is laminated safety glass

You will have to double check my conversion from Metric to the old imperial units as I don't work in that system.

The channel rubber extrusion I believe is unique to the weasel. I purchased a NOS length many years ago from Patson Parts in Alaska but I am told that they have closed up shop and Dave Yamulla has acquired their weasel parts inventory.

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