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Differential Steering Band Seals


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I am wondering if anyone knows where I can locate the tapered seals that go around the steering band shafts 900677 on the weasel differential also the tapered seals that go around the 4 steering band bolts that are located on the differential housing. Mine just fell apart. I was thinking maybe a rubber o ring would suffice. Any thoughts??


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@M29 Dan, Gary Scechy's excellent article on the final drive makes mention on his solution to your problem. In my case I machined out of Nylon stock a very close fitting tapered collar/seal that pushed onto the shaft. Same deal for the brake band shafts. Time will tell if these work. On the other bolts etc, I too used O rings. Cheers

This service is required to restore proper steering and braking operation of the M29 Studebaker Weasel.docx

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