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Hi, I’ve just acquired my first Weasel, an ex Norwegian Army M29C, numbers as follow - serial number 14029, engine number T24-16222 and hull number 9598




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Our Weasel Data!! Due to missing, and broken and such, I can offer the following.

1st Type UST-24

2nd USA number ???? missing plate. Have one, but it lists this Weasel to be a M29C (fake data plate, confirmed fake)

3rd Ord number ???? same missing plate.

4th Body ---- This tag is broken, only 3/4 inch of the left side remains and 1/2 inch on right side. However the letter "U" is on the left hand piece. Which leads me to the Type of UST-24. 

5th DoD ???? missing plate.

6th Engine ???? It's a Ford straight 6 replacement.

7th Trans ???? It's a Ford Automatic. Has a trick looking Hurst shifter mounted to the instrument panel. 

8th Arn number ???? 

9th Other number ???? nothing real that would help has been found so far..

Other info - Has a complete Rebuilt tag.... REBUILT-LETTERKENNY ORDNANCE DEP  next line LATE - MAY 1954

Minors - Has the double 9 bolt setup on each side for Airborne plates to be added and skirts on each side. 

Missing - Almost everything Military. Does have roll bars front and rear. From the ski resort it spent several years at.

But it's now safe, not sitting in the open like it has been for the last 10 years. Last time running also.

And it belongs to my Wife and I and we "hope" that I can rebuild/restore it over the next 2 or 3 years. 

Your help and guidance as to where to find parts in the central Florida area would be Great.

Sorry about the lack of true data that I can give about this Weasel, but what more can I say.

Thanks to all that submitted their data.

Stay Safe Everyone.

Later 42rocker and Wife


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