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Your Numbers Wanted !!

Jim Gilmore

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Thank you for the info .......

Can you check the ORD/MFG number again?

If your Hull number is correct ( M-29C-7122) your ORD number should be 115?? ....or if your ORD number is correct (10159) the hull number should be around 549? to 56??....

If you can confirm your ORD number I can give you the contract it was delivered under and the original USA number.

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John posted:

Hi Jim,

You might have this weasel in your records. Located here in Australia...........

..........Here is some British weasel info kindly offered by Richard Farrant over on the HMVF forum;

<<<All Weasels under Contract Supply Mech 6362 come in five batches of census numbers;

X5853143 to 5853242

P5881878 to 5882381

P6160643 to 6160990

P6180709 to 6181208

P6225756 to 6226757

"P" is prefix for amphibs, why the first one is listed as "X" in the copy book of census numbers, I don't know, but it was a mistake somewhere in time as that letter denotes a Trailer.


One advantage to all this COVID stuff is that the pubs in my town are closed so I have a lot of time to dig in the boxes of Weasel documents I have here......

Years ago I was researching Weasels ( and jeeps, GPA's and GP/BRC/MA) at the Bovington Tank Museum Archives and copied the WD Supply/Mechanical "assembly cards" . I just came across them and I can add more info on this.

Richard has a mistake on the prefix for the first contract under S?/M 6362. The correct prefix is P and not X.

P5853143 to P5853242 is what is actually listed on the original card for the first contract WD numbers.

In addition to WD S/M 6362 there were two other S/M contracts for Weasels.

WD S/M Contract 6027 for 1,098 ( originally 1,100) T-24/M-29 "Snow Vehicles" ....or "Truck 10 cwt tracked GS" with WD numbers Z5514686 to Z5515783. The Z is correct and not a typo.

WD S/M Contract2944 for 4 Studebaker T-15 "..."Weasels" (amphibious)..." . No WD numbers are listed for these 4 vehicles.

Now...a question for you....I have abbreviations for some of the destinations for these vehicles after acceptance in the UK. Most I know but one I do not....maybe you do?

UK = United Kingdom ( England)

UK adty = UK Admiralty ( British Navy ?)

ME = Middle East

India = India

NA = ???? What would this be?








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Thanks for the confirm.....the 7122 was a typo on my part.

Your Weasel was built at the end of contract T-17532. This was the next to the last contract for M-29C units.

I asked the confirm because your Hull number is out of sequence with other vehicles in the ORD number range.


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Hi jim!

My weasel is hull number M-29C-7676.

Supposedly the actual usa number is 40196503.

It does have the serial plate but I dont have the weasel in front of me just yet.  Its coming from CA and has supposedly been there basically since surplus. It will no reside on the east coast in NC.

Thank you,


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Hi Jim. I have a serial number to pass on. I will send the photo of it. Right now the weasel is stored pretty far from my home, I will get more numbers later. This is a brass plate rather that steel. Also it is fastened with screws in stead of rivets. I was curious if there may be a reason for that.  A question I also have, is there a safe way to clean a steel plate to read the stamped number. I wish not to do something that may destroy the information on a different machine. Thank you. 


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Jim, I did find a picture with the US number on the weasel data I recently sent. 
ser no 12965

US 49197361   In the photo I’m looking at the first number looks like a 1 but there is a shadow of paint that would make it a 4. That would make more sense  


I hope this is of use with your listings. This machine is mostly in the original factory configuration as best I can tell.  


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I changed the US number
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I got a second weasel recently and the S/N plate has a suspicious S/N #.

What do you make of it? A rebuild number from a post war company??  pic attached.

I think you already have my 1st weasel hull number M29C-2327.



Ontario Canada.



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