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LAR suspicious email


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Got this unusual email below with a very suspicious link embedded in the email. I have deleted the link in order to safely share the email. I suspect that this is a fishing style of email.

Anyway just putting it out there. Cheers



Hello There,

Please see the document within the u r l below.

(Suspicious link located here)

Enjoy a nice working day!


Hello Everyone,


The decision has been made to start the process to do another, and possibly the last, run of Liberty Weasel Track.  If you are interested in purchasing a set of track or know of someone that has talked about it, now is the time to place your order.   The cost is $12,000 and we require 50% down at the time you place your order with the balance plus the cost of shipping to be paid before they are shipped to you.  We would like to receive your order by November 10th so that we can get all of the different parts on order and use the slower winter months as assembly time.   There will be a 5-6 month time frame from the time we get everything ordered from our suppliers until we have everything in house and the track assembled and ready for you.


We would appreciate your help in spreading the word to your fellow weasel enthusiasts that the Liberty Weasel Track will be available again and not to delay if interested in a set of track.   I want to stress that there will be a limited number of track available and this will be the last time they will be available until who knows when.  To place your order call Liberty Auto Restoration at 712-764-2170 on Monday-Friday.    Thank you.


Barb Smith

Office Manager

Liberty Auto Restoration

Elk Horn, IA

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