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New Build wiring


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Oh Boy! Getting wired isn't what it used to be.

Have the harness in and connecting what I know, one wire at a time and by process of elimination, things are coming together. I have two questions.

1.  Is my main switch correct? Looking at the picture, the left wire is hooked up to the battery and right one goes to starter.

2. Is there a separate cable that should go from starter to volt.reg.? I had starter rebuilt and not sure how to wire solenoid to volt. Reg.

This is a LK rebuild so a few mods will be noted. Any recommendations on other picture are  always greatly appreciated.

Happy early Father's Day everyone that celebrates! Cheers!!🍻











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1.  Correct on main switch.

2.  Look at the wiring diagram in TM 9-772, page 202 in the 1945 Edition, there is a clear diagram on that page of the starting system wiring.  One side of the solenoid runs to the A terminal on the VR the other side to one side of the starting switch.

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Thank you Patrick. I see what you're saying. I know what side of starter for the start switch- had it wired on stand. Anyhow- the harness doesn't appear to have a wire from starter to VR. Adapt and overcome.

Thank you for your quick feedback.

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Bought from Yamulla.

Looked at it again and I did see a three pronged lead. I had that end at the VR. Took it off and attached it to the starter. It left me with a single lead that attached to VR.

Operator head space strikes again.

Will double check everything, but I think it's wired up enough to start the engine.  Fingers crossed.

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@Bravo28 I have posted this info in other threads however it may be of help to you. Attached is the VWOM booklet that came with my wiring harness and it contains information that better identifies the individual wiring harnesses.

Please be aware that there is one significant typo. The wire coming from the starter solenoid to the BAT terminal on the Voltage regulator should actually be attached to the ARM terminal.

VWM Wiring Instruction Booklet.pdf

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Yes, thank you. I did come across your previous post and downloaded the booklet. What a great help! I appreciate you adding this link as well.

Starter to ARM terminal, got it!

Thanks again,


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