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Hey guys. Wanting to share with you my plans for my weasel. I have an m29c that I'm going for the m29 look. No need for tanks here in joplin missouri. And pretty much impractical too. What I'm doing now is learning and learning and learning. Gathering some parts while looking high and low for others. My plan is to start the resto around winter of 2026. Right now I'm working on restoration of a dj3a postal jeep. Then restoring my Feb 42 ford gpw. Then comes the m29. I need alot of help and contacts for parts. If your willing to help or talk to me via the phone. That would be a big help. It's hard to relate in typing vs phone. I know some parts I'm looking for now is the cane and bracket for a spot light, grill, front brackets for the windshield fold down,Fuel collar and cap. Seat backs, manuals, and engine cover. Any knowledge and help would be greatly appreciated. Also track bands are a need (as usual). I'm hoping the vender that is making them is in my Financial capabilities. I plan on using this in parades and on the property. Here's some pics of the future restos. I've owned over 60 jeeps in the last 30 years and am knowledgeable on metal fabrication and engine work. But still need help with the weasel. Un familiar ground for me. Thanks in advance. Oh..and I'm still trying to figure out this site. So give me some time. 

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Welcome aboard!  Weasels are awesome and interesting machines.  We love jeeps around here too.

Sounds like you have plenty of experience to undertake this project and do a great job with it.  Parts are out there, you just have to be a little patient - they will come to you, particularly once you start working on the machine.  The seat backs and the engine cover are going to be harder to find - but they do come up.

As for manuals, we (Portrayal Press) sell a nice bundle of reprint manuals here:  https://www.portrayalpress.com/M29-Studebaker-Weasel-Information-Bundle-G179-p/bndl-m29.htm  Use "newcust15" and get 15% off your first order.  We are a little old school -don't do digital downloads at this point.

There are some manuals in the downloads section of this site that can get you started too.





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