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Following on from my initial launching I had a catastrophic transmission failure which brought a premature end to my weasel activities. After I had removed the transmission to investigate the problem, I found that the bronze bushing I had initially machined and installed between the transmission main drive gear and the main shaft had almost disintegrated. See photo 1 showing the bronze bushing prior to assembly. I had initially fitted the bronze bushing as I discovered that the main shaft had been machined down to 15.02mm on the end and at that time I could not ascertain why??? Anyway after only 16miles of use the bronze bushing had completely worn away which in turn had damaged the brass synchroniser rings and the synchroniser hub not to mention contaminating the oil. The transmission would only shift into 1st and reverse. 2nd and 3rd synchroniser was locked solid. After doing some reverse engineering, I guessed (correctly) that a hardened steel collar had been pressed onto the end of the main shaft to restore the shaft back to spec. After a long wait, the replacement hardened steel shaft collar finally arrived yesterday. I press fitted the new collar onto the end of my transmission main shaft and in turn the collar was retained by Loctite Super bearing mount. Using a set of NOS pilot rollers, I test assembled the pilot roller bearing assembly. Very happy with the repair. Now to get the transmission assembled and back into the weasel. Sounds like a good job for the Christmas break.


16 Dec 21 (1).JPG

16 Dec 21 (2).JPG

16 Dec 21 (3).JPG

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9 hours ago, Patrick Tipton said:

That is a great solution John!  I have a couple of pretty rough main shafts that have out of spec needle bearing ends.....

@Patrick Tipton Please be aware that this is a compromise repair solution. The end of my transmission main shaft had been machined down to 15.02mm (0.5913"Inches). As you can see in the link, the ID of the collar is 15.00mm (0.5905"Inches). Those dimensions provide a good interference fit to retain the collar on the shaft with a loctite super retaining compound. I measured the collar OD after it had been pressed onto the shaft and it measured 15.03mm (0.5917"Inches). I also measured the end of an MB/GPW Jeep transmission mainshaft as a comparison and came up with 15.11mm (0.595"Inches). That works out to an additional running clearance of 0.083mm (0.003"Inches). For the amount of miles this weasel transmission will do I am more that happy to live with the OD of the repaired shaft being 3 thou undersize. Having said that I took the liberty of fitting a NOS set of pilot rollers and now the pilot roller assembly is the best it will ever be. I will post a road test report.

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My weasel has been laid up too long waiting for the transmission to be repaired. I found our chooks (chickens) had laid some eggs in it😄. Anyway today  I wrapped up the transmission repairs so the first task after Xmas will be to replace the transmission and get the weasel mobile.


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