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Small job for yesterday. I installed the idler arm lock nuts with my 15 minute spanner. That's how long it took to turn a piece of scrap steel into a spanner on the bandsaw. Crude but effective. The job was again made easier by using @Gszechyexcellent thrust and lockwasher kit.





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22 hours ago, Byron said:

Great pictures John, I love looking through the other restoration pics. Did the tanks line up ok after all their work? 

They sure did as I went to great effort during the tank (and hull repairs) to make sure that the fit was exact.

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I managed to install the final drive, outer hubs and track sprockets this weekend. It got up to 40 on Saturday so I had to pull up stumps on the job mid afternoon and adjourn to the Air Conditioning. Anyway Photo 1 shows a hub retaining bolt and importantly the copper washer needed to seal the bolt. I got my copper washers from Swagelok; https://www.swagelok.com/en/catalog/Product/Detail?part=CU-8-RP-2

I am sure that the copper washers are available from other vendors.

Next I had to fit new felt oil seals into the final drive housing. I got the seals off ebay many years ago and I have never seen them since.

I then lifted the final drive into the hull using a soft sling and my 'El Cheapo' lifting apparatus.

I had a good deal of difficulty offering up the outer hubs into the final drive housing. In the end I used two long bolts to pull the outer hub into position BTW I did fit new gaskets to the outer hubs.

Once the final drive was bolted into position (not forgetting the spacer shims) I fitted the final drive casing breather.

I was more than happy to get this job out of the way. I just have to install the axle shafts now.









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1 hour ago, Patrick Tipton said:

Very exciting John - you are really getting close!

Looking great.


Thanks Patrick, next task on the agenda is to install the rear flotation tank. The tracks will be the very last job as the weasel is much easier to move around on the bogey wheels as opposed to the tracks.

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Now that the heatwave has passed, its time to get back to work on the weasel. Today’s efforts were focused on both painting and installing the rear float tank. I was virtually a circus contortionist doing up the mounting bolts inside the tank. Anyway only a few mounting bolts to go and the jobs done. 



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