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1943 T-24 Restoration Thread

Patrick Tipton

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One more session on the floor.  It is coming together pretty well.  I have about another session and I should be able to hide this repair.  It will still need a little glazing compound to hide the deep pits, but once painted, I think it should look the part.


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I’m a little behind on watching the videos and didn’t realize you were out of the loop for a while. Glad to hear your feeling better and will be back in the shop soon. Hope the family does well too. 
You have provided very much advice on methods it really helps. The mending of your floor panels is a good task for all to see.     Just to pass on I know for myself there were days in the dead of winter I worked on a project because you did something similar and got me past the questions I had.     Thanks


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Everyone has done an outstanding job of the sharing of information in this topic.

Patrick, you have been doing an outstanding re-build. Thanks for sharing everything. 

Can't wait to see the end if your project.

Stay Safe Everyone.

Later 42rocker



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I am feeling great, my shop is about as clean as it gets, all of the "honey-do's" about caught up with....back on the Weasel this weekend.  I can't wait!

I have two immediate projects:  finish the repairs to the last couple of interior body panels and get them in primer and touch up the paint on a few areas on the hull that were blocked by the rotisserie.  I have made a grid using original pictures for the black camo and will start cutting out shapes and taping them to the hull in preparation for applying the actual paint. 


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