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  • Weasel Vendors

    Patrick Tipton

    Weasel Vendors

    Flex Design. 

    Owner, Robert Walsh. 

    Parts:  Hat channel kits, spotlight mounts, T15 ski racks+other parts for all models of Weasels

    Email:  flxdsn@gmail.com


    Military Vehicle Supply.net

    Owner:  David Yamulla, Jr.


    Parts:  Large inventory of mostly NOS parts for all models; very active on Ebay

    Phone/fax 570-454-5674
    Email - ye@epix.net


    Russ Morgan

    Parts:  Large collection of non-running weasels & used parts

    Email: morganru@oneimage.com


    Liberty Auto Restoration

    Parts:  Tracks & miscellaneous Weasel parts


    Email: info@libertyar.com

    Telephone:  712-764-2170


    Peter Debella Jeep Parts

    Parts:  limited supply of mostly NOS parts for Weasel


    Telephone: (631) 874-8660


    Beachwood Canvas

    Parts:  Canvas and some other parts - call or check website



    Telephone:  732-929-3168(732) 929-3168(732) 929-3168

    Staman International

    Parts:  Tracks and more


    Email:  info@staman.nl

    Telephone:  +31 (0)548610432

    Studebaker Parts

    Parts:  engine accessories and more



    Snake River 4x4

    Parts: Carb kits, possible track band kits, others



    Portrayal Press LLC

    Parts: Technical manuals for all models of Weasels, T15, T24 & M29/M29C and most other military vehicles. History books, merchandise and more....


    Email: sales@portrayal.com

    Telephone:  855-339-0382




    Edited by Patrick Tipton

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