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  1. nice that you are taking the time for the list, I have a late war M29C of 1945the ord and serial number is 10159Hull number is M29C-7155and on the engine I have 2 plates, 94322-3A and X112
  2. There are 2 problems, it would be to pricey to ship over the pond and in a better condition without the skirts cut it could get to arround 6k. Put up all the pictures of the pieces you have and someone might give a reasonable price for it. The way I see it atm is 2 rotten tanks (that are fixable) 2 skirts you could trash and nothing of extra needed bits and bobs.
  3. So the Hull number i have is M29C 7155 and the dataplate ord number and serial number is 10159. The papers i have to get it on the road indicate the Hull number, so it might be that the data plate Comes from somewhere else. I have bought it this way
  4. as always, nice work Jesse. for the moment I don't have the funds to make mine with float tanks and aprons. an if I ever have the funds I'll probably go for a second weasel.
  5. I have a late war M29C of 1945 the ord and serial number is 10159 Hull nuber is M29C-7155 and on the engine I have 2 plates, 94322-3A and X112
  6. and are the tracks still there? cause that helps alot aswell
  7. So I've bought this little ww2 trailer today, if anyone got info on it, it would be helpfull. Some thing it is for artillery schells, or for an Airborne container. If someone has the dimensions of the brittish CLE canister that would be appriciated.
  8. Always here to help, message me and when the navy Lets me I'll het after it as soon as possible
  9. The picture uses bolt on rubber tabs, so one would have to clean the track first and then drill and bolt on these first, in May or June I will go to a track manufacterer An der what hé thinks Wold be the best sollution
  10. Signsup do you have a picture of your original roadpads? Mine are below the metal rim that's why I want to replace them
  11. are the fuel tank and the battery in the back in this setup?
  12. When you have a M29C weasel you ultimatly want the float tanks, I wouldn't try to swim it but you want to get the full kit. I think of maling mine into the signal corps variant of the weasel.
  13. I'm looking to find blueprints of the flotation kit. The cost is to heavy to buy the original ones.
  14. Welcome, do you have any pictures of your weasel? Always welcome to see another one
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