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  1. I have one set of side shields left. No more rudders or surf shields. All the rest of the parts are gone.
  2. Front and rear springs on M29C are heavier, probably to keep it from rocking so much.
  3. Looks like the particle board you can get from Home Depot.
  4. My daughter made me a matching set of Sexton, halftrack, and weasel back when I had such, on her 3D printer.
  5. http://www.militaryvehiclesupply.net/
  6. I have a regulator support. No carburetor.
  7. Guido. I have an oil pan, and a fan that needs straightening. Still haven’t come across the crank pulley.
  8. Patrick. I boil parts in a barrel of water, dish soap, and sodium hydroxide solution. One gallon costs less than the stripper your using, and will do everything on a weasel that will fit in the barrel. For large parts I build a fire under the barrel. For small parts I use a GI immersion burner to boil the water. Takes about an hour. In the summer, parts left in the solution for a couple of days have the same results. Just hose them off afterwards and they’re spotless. Works on grease and paint. I used to spend thousands on paint stripper.
  9. A guy I know just bought a set of seat backs, canvas, and a top from SOS.
  10. There is a picture of a 6th Marine division weasel on the forum gallery.
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