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  1. Patrick. I boil parts in a barrel of water, dish soap, and sodium hydroxide solution. One gallon costs less than the stripper your using, and will do everything on a weasel that will fit in the barrel. For large parts I build a fire under the barrel. For small parts I use a GI immersion burner to boil the water. Takes about an hour. In the summer, parts left in the solution for a couple of days have the same results. Just hose them off afterwards and they’re spotless. Works on grease and paint. I used to spend thousands on paint stripper.
  2. A guy I know just bought a set of seat backs, canvas, and a top from SOS.
  3. There is a picture of a 6th Marine division weasel on the forum gallery.
  4. Not original, but definitely safer. When I used to drive military vehicles, I would find a way to mount a detachable mirror. Then take it off for display.
  5. Can someone please verify the length of a weasel oil dipstick. Ive got several laying around that are different lengths. Thanks, Jesse.
  6. I tracked down your quote. Looks like you need a differential. Shipping is going to be a lot. It may be worth a drive for you. Take some of my other junk home too.
  7. I have a windshield frame that needs some repair or filling inside the bottom track.
  8. I have 2 of them. Condition unknown. Where are you located?
  9. If everything is adjusted right, and the linkage well oiled, it steers with very little pressure. On grass it steers harder. Asphalt is pretty good. Steering is unbelievably sensitive on snow, and quite a thrill.
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