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  1. I dont know of any drawing. Perhaps others on this forum may know. Any of the floater parts are extremely hard to find.
  2. My policy for a vehicle going to be restored is to completely dismantle everything and rebuild it as new. This eliminates all those nasty surprises. I never try to “get it running” beforehand. Most of the time that just does more damage.
  3. Ive bought sprockets from the guy in California and had no issues with them. That will probably help your problem. Your tracks have probably stretched beyond the range of the tensioner. You’ve got a great project to start with.
  4. I have one set of side shields left. No more rudders or surf shields. All the rest of the parts are gone.
  5. Front and rear springs on M29C are heavier, probably to keep it from rocking so much.
  6. Looks like the particle board you can get from Home Depot.
  7. My daughter made me a matching set of Sexton, halftrack, and weasel back when I had such, on her 3D printer.
  8. http://www.militaryvehiclesupply.net/
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