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  1. Yes, thank you. I did come across your previous post and downloaded the booklet. What a great help! I appreciate you adding this link as well. Starter to ARM terminal, got it! Thanks again, Bobby.
  2. Bought from Yamulla. Looked at it again and I did see a three pronged lead. I had that end at the VR. Took it off and attached it to the starter. It left me with a single lead that attached to VR. Operator head space strikes again. Will double check everything, but I think it's wired up enough to start the engine. Fingers crossed.
  3. Thank you Patrick. I see what you're saying. I know what side of starter for the start switch- had it wired on stand. Anyhow- the harness doesn't appear to have a wire from starter to VR. Adapt and overcome. Thank you for your quick feedback.
  4. Oh Boy! Getting wired isn't what it used to be. Have the harness in and connecting what I know, one wire at a time and by process of elimination, things are coming together. I have two questions. 1. Is my main switch correct? Looking at the picture, the left wire is hooked up to the battery and right one goes to starter. 2. Is there a separate cable that should go from starter to volt.reg.? I had starter rebuilt and not sure how to wire solenoid to volt. Reg. This is a LK rebuild so a few mods will be noted. Any recommendations on other picture are always greatly appreciated. Happy early Father's Day everyone that celebrates! Cheers!!🍻
  5. I know, 🤣. It did help, although I think floating is out of the question.
  6. So this happened today. Engine and tranny went in really smoothly. Radiator and shroud were more work than engine. Some precision was lost in disassembly that lead to the shroud and fan colliding. Impatience and grinder got the best if me. Anyhow- ta-da!!!
  7. Here she is!!! Cigars all around! Still a ways to go, but can't be happier. 20240522_193712.mp4 20240522_193712.mp4 20240522_193712.mp4
  8. Thank you for your answer. I ordered a replacement t-stat for a Weasel. The retaining ring was not sitting flush, I believe the circular gasket was not letting this t-stat sit proper. The replacement should do the trick. Cheers.
  9. Greetings Happy Mother's Day to all! Found a few minutes to "garage time" here it is. Coolant leaked, disassembled, insert ring not sittintg flush on housing. Thermostat for champion engine from study intrnt'l. Admit, I packed way too much sealer. #1 - should ring sit flush with housing? #2 - does Weasel have its own Thermostat? #3 I ring supposed to be flush with housing base? Thank you all. Pix would not load.
  10. Thanks, Patrick. My first car was a '65 Corvair🤣 Talk about oil leaks - I think I developed a phobia, but kinda learned to live with'em. So much so that 40 yrs later, I still own a Corvair🤣 To you🍻
  11. Yes, these were two tiny wooden blocks inserted on each side at rear main area? Oil seems to be coming from in-between the block and plate. Maybe an issue with them or there is oil from original leak caught up in this area and is just draining out? Getting ready to reinstall oil pan and will give it a go in a couple of days. Whoopee!
  12. Greetings all - Bobby in TX. The oil pressure issue resolved. I thought the oil pan gasket leaked so I prepped for a replacement. Oil pan has been off 1 week and this is the same area where the oil leaked. Recommendations??
  13. Sounds good. I'll take them. Let me know payment, shipping, n ship to info.👍
  14. So excited for the progress forgot to say the cause. Yes, apparently the gasket on the pickup tube failed. A piece was somehow dislodged?? Pressure now reading 35-40. Need new hoses at gage and filter as these allow oil to seap through. Bobby🍻
  15. We are in business!! Thanks to all once again and virtual cigars (of sorts) Aluminum Camshaft gear, a steady idle, and an oil pressure reading. Temp. Steady at 180ish, oil pressure was good but started dropping as hoses leading to gage and oil filter began dripping. Completed break-in and addressed some coolant seepage. Wasn't able to load video but here's the final count down at lowered rpm.
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