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  1. Fixed most of the distortion on the passenger coaming (still need to weld it up) and got the bow trimmed and welded. We also test fit the brush guard. FWIW - the T24 brush guard is a bit different - this is an M29 version but I have a T24 guard lined up.
  2. For the record, straightening out this cockpit coaming on these vehicles is some kinda challenge! Someone cut and bent over the driver section and a corresponding section on the "passenger front" side. I have the driver side nearly straight and am just starting the passenger side. With the hull side, spot welds and hat channels all working against fixing this area, I am getting schooled here! Sure looks good with the windshield temporarily mounted.😍
  3. I consider myself an optimist but I would have never bet on that mess! Nicely done Byron!!
  4. Spent a few hours yesterday fixing damage to the rear panel around the shovel bracket. Came out fine. Welded the corner but don't love the welds - serviceable but they don't look quite right. Need to pick up a little more welding gas and will grind and do it over or I might run a TIG torch over it and see if I can get it looking right. Operator error & fatigue! Onward!
  5. Really appreciate it John. I am looking forward to this next chapter as well. Regards, Patrick
  6. Fixing details topside now. I find this work very enjoyable but you do have to take your time to get the details right.
  7. They say the "devil is in the details"....also where the magic happens. Looking great ....keep on trucking! Patrick...
  8. Thanks John! I should have things ready for primer in another week or so. I have a friend who had a spray booth and we are going to spray it with a good epoxy primer - should be good for another 100 years! Then I have lots of little parts to fix, an engine to rebuild etc. etc. etc.....😀 Patrick
  9. A few more surprises, but bit of progress and the lower hull is almost finished.
  10. Getting pretty close with the lower hull. A friend and I chased all of the holes on the driver side, including having to locate the ones that were hidden when I replaced the side. Pretty uneventful. I also patched a little more rot in one corner section, patched two holes in the floor and found another section of rot near the bow that I patched. I am heading out in a bit to do more quality control (filling voids and grinding) and get everything looking nice. I need to chase threads on the passenger side, weld the replaced bow and rear corner and just look over the lower hull carefully bef
  11. Congrats @OZM29C fantastic milestone! You will be driving soon! Patrick
  12. Yes.....I still have a bunch to do as well - not a fun job. I purchased a handheld belt sander from Harbor Freight...(discount tool store in US) for about $35....takes about a 14"x 3/4" belt. Fantastic for this job. I have a small air powered one too....works great just a little narrower and I get tired of hearing the compressor run.
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