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  1. 😅🙄 I am seeing that John. That little bugger of a spacer/collar is rusted on solidly. The whole unit is going into a pail of Evaporust shortly. At least it will be a clean stuck unit. Now, why didn't our friends at Studebaker just slap a grease zerk or two on there?
  2. I was busy this week on a bunch of Weasel projects, but did not advance the side very far. First, I pulled a bunch of parts out of my donor, including the engine and a damaged but repairable radiator/engine panel. I learned that the Norwegians had installed a T90 so have started the quest (and think I have found) a correct T84 for it. The motor has a crack in #1 cylinder that is likely to render the block unrepairable. I am talking to a couple of folks about possible repairs. More on that shortly. I also pulled all of the controls out of the donor. They are rough, but I need th
  3. That is a great looking machine. We like G503's too! Nice GPW. Looks like a nice looking M29C. Post the data tags & hull number on the serial number/Numbers wanted post if you have a moment. Welcome aboard - lots of knowledgeable folks on this board who will help you with questions. There are quite a few guys working on tracks too...so lots of options there, including some who are offering kits to do the repairs. Patrick
  4. Clever! Lots of ways to fix these parts - that is a nice solution. Patrick
  5. Great writeup - ty! ...results look outstanding!
  6. Sorry John - but it sure looks sweet all sandblasted!
  7. John - many thanks. Yes, it has a hex nut. That sounds like the right answer - I tried to find a picture on the web but could not - I will take a look in the manual for a picture to confirm. Other than the cutout for this cable and an access hole on the front lower right corner of the dash, are there other differences between the T24 and M29/C dash panel? I am not seeing anything else and since this is what I have, I will need to fix it to be correct for the T24. ...and thanks for the kind words John - you inspired me to go deep 🙂
  8. Here you go. Not totally easy to see, but IGN OFF HEATER The picture in the manual looks like the decal has a darker outline which looks to have been painted over in the picture....
  9. I began adding captive nuts to the inside corner hat channel for the new side. In the process, I realized that I missed one on the other side so I will have to do a little creative welding over the next couple of sessions. I got the rear floor panel captives installed and drilled almost all of the holes for the front. The hat channels I got were cut short to fit in a shipping box so I need to weld it together. I am going to do that on the bench when I install the hat channel - probably this weekend. These hat channels did not look all that bad until I started working on them.
  10. Dan - fantastic! Love to see the project and am looking forward to seeing you get this T15 restored and running. I am always amazed at how much abuse these old engines can take and still function. I would have never imagined, though, that one could stand up to years of Alaska without a crack. Congrats! Patrick
  11. I am actually looking forward to getting to work on the mechanicals. All this tin bashing and welding is fun, but.....ready to be turning wrenches....
  12. I mostly finished fitting the new side and began adding hat channels. First, I installed the 45 degree gusset. I ended up leaving about 8 inches off of the back so that I can fit the side over the angle iron gusset that connects the bottom and side of the hull to the rear panel. I will add that piece after I weld the new side in place. Overall, it is progressing nicely and I am pretty happy with how the side fits. This weekend's project is adding all of the captive nuts to the inner hat channel pieces and getting them installed. The plan is to add all of the hat channels on t
  13. Looks great. I was able to see a couple of factory engine photos of the T24 that a friend of mine owns - I am trying to get copies. I don't think the manifold was painted black.....but they are B&W photos and it is a little hard to tell. The engine paint is a very dark grey - what I would call a Pewter Grey - I have heard folks say it has a little blue cast and I could see that. The intake manifold and carb extension look to be the same color as the engine, but maybe a little darker. The engine has been run in the photo so the paint is mostly burned off the exhaust side of the ma
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