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  1. I need to do a little bracket adjusting and then a little leading to repair a couple of prior repairs, but...the back panel is very close to finished. I am going to run out of things to repair pretty soon.
  2. Many thanks John. As you know all too well - labor of love. It is truly strange that they were cut off like this....a restorer would presumably have cut the tabs too....who knows! 😀 I got the axe brackets almost finished last night...couple more welds and the footman's and it will be finished.
  3. I finally finished flattening the rear panel although I still have a little "leading" to do. Lots of hours but I think it came out pretty well. The good news is that with a shovel and axe mounted, no one will be able to see it anyway! The tabs for the mounting brackets were all left in place so I have been fabricating new brackets, cutting off my handmade mounting tabs and TIGing the new brackets in place. Very fiddly work.
  4. @04mustangJohn will chime in ...FYI Mustang if you tag him by using the @ sign and his name @OZM29C , he will get a notification. ...and money says he made them! 😀
  5. FWIW - the early ORD 789 G154/179 does have the Timken Numbers....they are only cross referenced to the Group so the chart itself is not useful without the rest of the book - you have to go to the Group Number and locate the Timken Number there (usually in a parenthesis...) Here is the download: and we sell a nice reprint if you want the printed and bound version: https://www.portrayalpress.com/product-p/ord-789-g154.htm
  6. It is in the original SNL G179....for the T24...Timken numbers in the back and they cross reference to Group and part numbers. What manual are you looking at?
  7. I will look in a little while....I have seen them somewhere....
  8. The ORD 9 parts manual has Timken numbers......you should be able to find everything you need online pretty easily.
  9. @5280Beltfed Makes sense! - I have been planning to make small screw spreader to help assemble this Weasel....the radiator fits, but it is really tight and the last thing I feel like doing is scratching it all up after hours of paint work.
  10. @Jesse Browning That looks slick and a lot less work and mess than paint stripper. Now to get the stripper tank..... Thank you sir! Patrick
  11. Certainly a restorable machine! Just time, some money and plenty of work! Congrats!
  12. Those damn "down under" pictures always come in upside down🤣
  13. Sorry for the lack of posts - lots of progress, but I was spending all of my free time doing videos in March. I am just working thru little fixes on the hull and the various body panels to make sure this T24 goes together easily once it is painted. This is that part of the project where you are 90% done with 90% to go. The land of 1000 details. Here are a couple of photos...but all in all it is coming together. I did pick up a second set of 15" tracks - they are unmolested and in pretty good condition for their age. They will go on the T24 as is....to be handled very gently!
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