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  1. That arrangement looks a bit home made, the factory setup is described in the 1945 edition of TM 9-772.
  2. Yes, it is described in the 1945 edition of TM 9-772.
  3. Found another change. 14229: Reinforcement rings are now installed on the drive wheels. I have have added this change to the first post.
  4. Thanks, @Patrick Tipton I have now added the correction and new data from my post from yesterday into the list in the first post.
  5. @Patrick Tipton I can edit my post a few minutes after I have posted it, but I can't edit after that. I'm only allowed to share or report the post.
  6. Thanks, @Patrick Tipton BTW, is there a way that I can edit my first post when new information is found? I have done some more research and found these changes: 2102: Grease fittings are now installed in the guide wheels. So the change at 5478 is incorrect. 5476: Grease fittings are now installed in the drive wheel hubs.
  7. I have gone through all the parts catalogs, TM's and articles about the weasel and compiled a list of all the production changes that I could find. The list is by no means a conclusive list of all the changes that happened during the weasel production run, so I would very much like people the chime in if you have anything to add or if you find any errors in my list. The one that are in red text are the ones that I'm unsure about and would like to have confirmed. I hope this list will be useful to anybody restoring a weasel to factory specs. All production changes follow the o
  8. Just wanted to through in some information on which track type was used where according to the three Weasel parts catalogs that I have. Service Parts Catalog for Carrier, Cargo, Light T 24, 1. Aug. 1943 905660 – Track, Drive, Assembly ORD 7-8-9 SNL G-154, G-179, Carrier, Cargo, M28 (T15), M29 (T24) and M29C, 15. June 1944 905660 – Track, Drive, Assembly, 15”, low guides, 56 grousers – used to ord. serial. 2102 908172 - Track, Drive, Assembly, 20”, high guides, 56 grousers, auxiliary cables – used from ord. serial. 2103 ORD 9 SNL G-179, Carrier, Cargo, M29 and M29
  9. @Patrick TiptonJust watched your latest video and it looks like your motor is missing the drain tube on the rear main bearing cap. Also, have you checked the assembly date of you motor? It should be stamped next to cylinder no. 1 exhaust port. This is my motor, it was assembled 12. March 1945 and the block was cast 6. November 1944 as you can see from the date code.
  10. @F.JanssenYou are correct, the cut out should be there. The back panel with the cut out is used for the later weasels that had the stretcher pocket installed from the factory. This is my very early T24, no stretcher pocket and no cut out. Just out of interest, does anybody know when they started to install the stretcher pocket?
  11. These measurement are from the original Studebaker drawing. A: 76,2 mm B: 38,1 mm C: 6,35 mm D: 5,1 mm The angle between A and B is 74 degrees. And the hole for the pivot bolt should be reamed to 9,51-9,53 mm. Hope this helps.
  12. Found them.NO top bow plans.pdf
  13. Here's a low res version of the norwegian made top bows. I have a higher resolution one on my computer somewhere. If i find it I will post it here. From what I have been told the original Studebaker drawings for the bows does not exists anymore so these are the ones that are closest to the original.
  14. @Patrick Tipton 👍Nice! Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and go for it. That patch turned out great. Like your use of aircraft terminology in the latest video😊
  15. Nice work there Patrick. A question. I can't really tell form the picture but have the radiator opening been enlarged on your hull?
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