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  1. There is no problem with rebanding French tracks. They are very similar to the LAR tracks that you can buy new for $14k. There is no reason to try and replicate the bands that the French made...using the motorcycle chain - modern conveyor belting will work great. The only "issue" is what to do, if anything, for road pads. The French pads were integral to the bands and go between two grousers. That is an approach, but one could also bolt road pads where the belting is attached to the grousers. I am about ready to order a set of bands....will share what I come up with. In the meantime, here are my two sets + of French tracks and some extra original style. The French tracks are heavy buggers.
  2. I am picking up two sets of French tracks tomorrow. I am definitely rebuilding one set.....will have more for you after I get a little further along.
  3. If they are the same as the M29, Yamulla has NOS ones!
  4. Yes sir...there is a MWO for swapping the T90 for the T84....like with the jeeps, a better transmission. It requires a little mod to the transmission mount, but is a frequently seen modification. I have returned mine to the T84 configuration because I suffer from purist tendencies, but for a runner....a fine choice!
  5. Greetings Martyn and welcome aboard! Thank you for the nice comments and glad you are enjoying the videos. Weasels are addicting! Good luck with your search/project and please start a thread with your efforts. We all learn! Regards, Patrick
  6. Welcome aboard Clem and congratulations! Awesome looking machine. Look forward to seeing more pictures!
  7. I spy a brand spanking new dash.....😍
  8. Looking great! I must have blown my hull out 20 times before I painted it. I too put sand all over my fresh white paint. Really ticked me off. I sanded it away but there are still a few places that I need to go back and work on....I don't think there is any way to get all the sand out....
  9. @M29C3284Looking good my friend. I did not know about the baking soda/neutralization trick. I hope I don't end up with rust through! I was under the impression that as long as you get the bright silver fluxed surface, you have removed all of the acid in the flux......, but I do like the extra protection idea. Keep up the good work! Patrick
  10. As always, fine craftsmanship! Nice to see my friend.
  11. @OZM29CJohn - I started a new sticky thread - Float Tanks - here: https://forum.portrayalpress.com/topic/6236-all-things-floater/ Thanks for all of your contributions John - your dedication (and other posters) is what makes the site a value to Weasel enthusiasts!
  12. Folks: If you are working on a floater, please post your learning specific to floaters here! Repairs, accessories, etc...
  13. G125 : Tractor, medium, M1, Allis-Chalmers HD-74. Seats look fantastic - congrats!!
  14. You can probably order the blueprints from the Studebaker Museum. I am sure there are several drawings and they won't be cheap, but that is the way to go!
  15. Gents: I am feeling great, my shop is about as clean as it gets, all of the "honey-do's" about caught up with....back on the Weasel this weekend. I can't wait! I have two immediate projects: finish the repairs to the last couple of interior body panels and get them in primer and touch up the paint on a few areas on the hull that were blocked by the rotisserie. I have made a grid using original pictures for the black camo and will start cutting out shapes and taping them to the hull in preparation for applying the actual paint. Onward!
  16. Kevin - I am betting that the solenoid kept the gear/starter engaged... and then the gear eventually failed. Double check your wiring. Not sure about the fitment issue...are you sure you have a correct starter/solenoid combo?
  17. Welcome aboard Tim. I am pretty sure your Weasel is an early M29 - one of the first 1,000 or so. They were badged with a T-24 hull tag! Talk soon!
  18. Greetings @42rocker Tim.....so the side skirts are likely not original on this machine...I am still not sure. It is an M29, the earliest of which came with 15" tracks and no side skirts. The bolt holes on the sides are for parachute brackets - found on the T24 and also the early (maybe first 1000) M29's, although the M29's never had the actual brackets - just the holes and mounting points on the inside. I left you a VM, but am heading to the shop. Talk soon.
  19. Great stuff...thanks for sharing!
  20. Thanks @OZM29C I am looking forward to getting back after it. Weird thing about this pandemic....of the 14 or so people who came down with Covid from the wedding we attended, almost everyone was vaccinated. Go figure. Patrick
  21. Thanks John....on the mend. Should be back in the shop by the weekend.
  22. Appreciate it John. They are going back to do some checking - we will chat later in the week.
  23. OK. I would not remove the starter. That being said...the manual suggests that an assistant raise the rear of the engine for clearance - you don't need to remove the engine to remove the starter. I would bolt the starter back up and then focus on solving the electrical problems. I am will to bet big that the starter is not the problem. Let's chat tomorrow - or I can chat with you and your step father. You need to do a little diagnostics.....happy to walk you through it. Patrick
  24. Maybe I should bring my engine hoist when I visit you. We could pull it. Worst case, I'll bring a working starter and we can replace it real time. The starter will 100% be repairable....one way or the other. Before we go any further, what is going on with the starter that makes you want to pull it? Patrick
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