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  1. Are there any originals out there that could be copied Larry
  2. Hi all I am wadering what hand grips were used on the stearing tillers and if anyone is reproducing them. Larry
  3. Thanks Rob i will try to fit them there. Larry
  4. Has anyone have any idea how to get the right track tension with out using a tesioning tool. Larry
  5. Thanks Dan its going to be a while before i get the other track done as the belts are in really bad shape and can't be used i am really not sure what i can do. Larry
  6. Hi to all i hope everyone is safe and well. I got 1 track on my t15 after putting belting on the outside and inside of the track i also re rubbered the drive wheels idler wheels and return wheels. I don't have a track tensioning guage my question is how do i tell if the tension on the track is correct. I took the shims out of the stop bracket and the track still looks to tight to me so i am wandering if there is a way to tell if its to tight. Thanks Larry
  7. I have this piece of tin it was laying in the hull and i don't know where it goes its 6 1/2 in at one end the other end is cut at about 15% angle and is 7 1/2 in the length is 12in long on one side and 10 in long on other side it ha 2 holes broken out any idea Larry
  8. Thanks Patrick and James great to see those pictures i like the pattern in the second picture. I would like to buy that print James if you have extra's. Larry
  9. Thanks Dan in your picture there looks like a pad just below the machine gun mount that is where the tabs are. What is that pad made of and what is the size? Larry
  10. Hi every one i have a couple of questions in my t15 i have a pipe on the right side of the hull under the driver seat and it is cut off at the floor and the top has a flair end what might this be for. Also on the wiring guard that runs along the inside of the hull there are 2 short 1/4 in bolts welded in sticking up on the top not sure what goes on them. There are 4 little clips on either side of the hull high and just in front of the drivers seat i am thinking it is for padding to protect the drivers knees am i right. What rubber handlesgo on the steering levers and is anyone reproducing them. Thanks Larry
  11. Ya Patrick i went with a semi gloss white and used tremclad paint it seems to be a pretty tough paint and is a bit cheaper than automotive paint and also i can buy rattle cans for touch up if i wanted to can automotive paint it would cost me 17.00 per can and i would have to supply the paint. So is black the only color that they used for cam it kinda seems odd that they would use such a bold color. Could you send me a couple of pictures that you have of the cam pattern or where can i find them, i have looked on line but couldn't find much. Thanks Patrick Larry
  12. Thanks Patrick and James So James when they wanted to paint the cam on did they just give the guys a can of paint and a brush and say go at it or was there a standard pattern and if there was a pattern where can i find it and the placement also; was all the cam black because i thought somewhere i had seen a light gray. Any more information would be much appreciated Larry
  13. Hi guys i have been picking away at my t15 and as i work on it i have been wandering if the t15's were painted in winter camo. and if so is there a standard pattern that they follow and what is the color. Thanks in advance Larry
  14. Thanks Jesse and Patrick great advice Larry
  15. This is a t96 1a but i am sure they are very similar i would consider putting a t84 in it if i could find one. Do you put the needle bearings on the shaft or inside the main shaft housing Larry
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