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  1. Hello - I have T-24 engine project sale if anyone is interested. Pickup only. This engine ran in 2019 w/ blown head gasket. Started stripping engine down for rebuild and lost interest. Engine is currently in pieces, but 80% to 90% all there. Parts that are missing include water pump, fuel pump, generator, and maybe a few other parts my mechanic took off. The engine is not in bad condition and is still coated in oil and ready a rebuild. Asking $100 and someone to come and get it out of my storage unit ( I need the space). email me at bcrichjam@aol.com for questions. Located in Unionville Virgin
  2. Hello. Tag pictures attached. Plate not readable,
  3. Thanks for all the help guys. I think I will print this info out and try to get a local mechanic to do this for me. I don't have the tools. I'll photo copy the book pages got from you Patrick a while back. I got the repair kit from Dave Yamulla (just came in the mail today). Thanks Kevin
  4. Hello Does anyone have any idea how to get the water pump apart? I'm a novice (at mechanical work) and scratching my head on this one. I see the key pin way inside, but it's difficult to get to it with any tool. Will this pump break down any other way? I see a small pin on the side, but not sure if I should try to knock it in or risk damage. Help anyone. I bought the seal repair kit, but it won't help if I can't get the pump apart. Thanks Kevin
  5. Hello Looking to buy running Weasel engine. Have cracked block in my existing Weasel. Trying to find the cheapest route to get her back up and running. I have an extra block, but the cost (from the estimates I've have been getting locally) to redo the engine are way out of my range right now. Please email me if you have an engine to sell. Located in Virginia - 540-207-5933 or email bcrichjam@aol.com Thanks Kevin
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