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  1. Well...one step forward and 3 steps back....and more questions. We rewired the Weasel. Put the started back in. Ran the engine for a while. Then went for a test run. 2 laps and ok. Started to back up and BANG. The starter blew and the gears shreaded into the transmission. After taking it apart again and cleaning the transmission (no damage we can see). I found a spare starter and we installed that. The gear for the started and the fly wheel don't seam to match up - the gear is far from each other and barely touching (not sure if it will shread the teeth off). Hard to get a picture. Is there a spec. out there for this? Not sure if this is how it was before. Also not sure if we wired it wrong which made it blow up... Last picture is the destoyed started gear
  2. Hello - Thanks for the Help. Thanks again Patrick. We had to lift the rear engine up to get the starter back in (per Patrick's instructions) What a pain....(no way physically to putt the bolt back in) We got the starter to work by bypassing some wires so it seems we have some dead wires. We have started the long process of rewiring the engine and panel. Everything looks original and like a fire trap. We had a brief fire earlier this year near the fuel gage when the fuel line sprang a leak and the Ammeter wire sparked starting her up. Scary. This is gonna be a long job since we only have a few hours on Sat and Sun to throw at this. The engine is still apart as well for now. Thanks.... Kevin
  3. Patrick - the weasel was not getting any power off and on for a while this season from the ignition. If you left it a few hours it would start up fine (seemed to be a random glitch). It finally stopped after the last show a few weeks back. No juice to anything but the fuel pump and some lights. (I had a few blown fuses I replaced after the "dead" incident) Tried jumping - nothing. Tried new battery - nothing. Put volt meter on starter and nothing. You turn the on switch and you hear the fuel pump running. Push the ignition and nothing. Not even a grunt. My Step father has been doing most of the work on the Weasel. He seems to know a little more about cars than me.
  4. Patrick - thanks. I don;t have the means to pull the engine. None of the local mechanics around here will touch this beast. The local tractor place messed things up worse changing the brake bands so I don't trust them.
  5. Here is the starter, stuck between the box and hung up on one bolt. Scratching my head... I am not a mechanic, so this little job is now 16 hours and getting nowhere. We also don;t know if we can fix the started or need to find a replacement yet...
  6. Hello. Need help on replacing the starter on my T-24 Weasel. Never thought the job would be so big and a pain in the $#2&%. Questions: 1. what is the box in front of the starter and what does it do? It has 2 gears in it and I can;t get it off the engine after removing the 4 screws. ORD 9 SNL G-179 PG18 & 19 - Its's "JJ". I need to remove this to get the started out. We can get the cap off, but the "body" won't budge (and dumps oil). 2. Any advice to getting the bottom bolt out of the started? The nut is off and on the rear end side, but the bolt head is under the started and hard to reach. It's making it hard to get teh started out w/ the hull fold in the way. So far we had to remove the manifold, oil filter, distributor and all the lines on that side of the engine just to get at it. This engine is a pain to work on..... Thanks Kevin Vogel
  7. Kevin Vogel


    Car Show - here in Virginia 4-10_21. The Weasel sure draws a crowd
  8. Kevin Vogel


    T-24 - Car show here in Virginia 5-8-21.
  9. Kevin Vogel


    T-24 - Car show here in Virginia 5-8-21.
  10. Kevin Vogel


    T-24 - Car show here in Virginia 5-8-21.
  11. Hello - I have T-24 engine project sale if anyone is interested. Pickup only. This engine ran in 2019 w/ blown head gasket. Started stripping engine down for rebuild and lost interest. Engine is currently in pieces, but 80% to 90% all there. Parts that are missing include water pump, fuel pump, generator, and maybe a few other parts my mechanic took off. The engine is not in bad condition and is still coated in oil and ready a rebuild. Asking $100 and someone to come and get it out of my storage unit ( I need the space). email me at bcrichjam@aol.com for questions. Located in Unionville Virginia. Pictures of engine together in 2019 when we pulled it from my Weasel. Other picture from today moving it to my storage unit showing the shell all stripped down - but movable my hand now. All other parts are in boxes.
  12. Hello. Tag pictures attached. Plate not readable,
  13. Thanks for all the help guys. I think I will print this info out and try to get a local mechanic to do this for me. I don't have the tools. I'll photo copy the book pages got from you Patrick a while back. I got the repair kit from Dave Yamulla (just came in the mail today). Thanks Kevin
  14. Hello Does anyone have any idea how to get the water pump apart? I'm a novice (at mechanical work) and scratching my head on this one. I see the key pin way inside, but it's difficult to get to it with any tool. Will this pump break down any other way? I see a small pin on the side, but not sure if I should try to knock it in or risk damage. Help anyone. I bought the seal repair kit, but it won't help if I can't get the pump apart. Thanks Kevin
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