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  1. @Conner Bush that's most likely doable, except for the float tanks. Those are normally over 5k alone in a needs to be restored condition.
  2. @OZM29C the rubber tracks are around 6000 usd plus shipping. Where as the LAR tracks are 14000usd unless they went up again in the last 6 months.
  3. Very nice and detailed writeup @Byron! I do have to ask about where one in the states can purchase these tracks from? I believe these are the staman tracks? and they will not ship to US buyers? Thank you, Corey
  4. Here is all in one bearing/race/seal chart that I've put together for future reference for anyone that may be looking through manuals and searching for this info. Im still needing some info on U joints and a few oil seals though. Item Description Quantity Needed Ord Number Studebaker Number Timken Number SKF Number Koyo Number Bogie Bearing 32 705371 SD-511587 9078 Bogie Cup/Race 32 706806
  5. John, I have to ask, where did you find the return roller bushings and shafts? I do believe I will end up needing to replace at least 2 if not all 4 of the shafts on my M29C because they appear to be bent from over tension of the tracks.
  6. Thank you Sir!, I already had purchased it from you some time back, just didn't have it with me at the time I was typing yesterday. I spent some time a dug through both manuals and found the chart you referenced. It is a bit confusing but I worked through it with the group numbers.
  7. Thank you Patrick. I found those numbers for the bogie parts but nothing in the manual has a Timken or any civilain bearing numbers for the return rollers, idler, or drive parts. So the search continues....
  8. Hi, I'm sure that this has been addressed in some form or fashion in the past but I can't seem to locate it. Does anyone have a reference for modern bearing, race and seal numbers for the suspension on the weasels? Ive found the bogie seals with skf 12391. But can't find the bearings or races/cups. Also looking for the same info on the idler and drive bearings. And u joints for the drive shafts for that matter. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  9. Does anyone have either repo or original seat backs and pads/seat cushions for sale? I need a full set of 4 for my M29C. Thank you, Corey cjwalte2(at)gmail.com
  10. D.R.H.I did not call to waste your time nor did I try to hide this post from you. I posted the exact same thing in the weasel forum.And like I messaged you on that forum, I have planned to make my own versions but if you had something ready to go then I would just go your route and buy from you. But you never gave me a price or offered any more than some photos of your conveyor bands that are cut small and still need the clips slavaged from original bands. I would hardly call that an accurate reproduction. But thank you for showing me on here the kind of person that you are. I felt that we had
  11. Hi jim! My weasel is hull number M-29C-7676. Supposedly the actual usa number is 40196503. It does have the serial plate but I dont have the weasel in front of me just yet. Its coming from CA and has supposedly been there basically since surplus. It will no reside on the east coast in NC. Thank you, Corey
  12. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a few of the parts specific to the M29C. I need 1 of the rudder mounts to the rear tank. I need the steering brackets for the rudders that are on top of the rear tank. I also need the rudder steering control (the "tiller" I believe it is called). Thank you, Corey (910)258-2099
  13. hello everyone. I'm farily new to the weasel world and haven't actually taken possession of my weasel yet. But after doing alot of research on here and other places I've come to the same conclusion as many of you have.....that there really aren't options for how to handle track repairs/restoration. I have a manufacturer here in the US that I have worked on other projects with and they make urethane molds for conveyors. They are in agreement with me that the track bands are certainly a doable product. Now my question here is, how large or a market is this? I understand that the wea
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