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  1. Hi Ernie, after welding the cones in, it had ruined the rubber due to the heat. Also, because the rubber tracks run on these as guides I wanted it to have the freedom to guid rather than the two rubber faces to grip to each other if that makes sense. Also, the later Staman track kit come with the ready made new top track guides rather than distorting the old ones to weld the cones in. These new top track guid come with no rubber, so I copied that. I hope this helps, and any other questions, please feel free to ask me. many thanks Byron Kay, England
  2. Hi Roland, im sorry I am late to the party with your message. I pressed a solid steel bar through the axel, not only did this tell me the front axel was already straight but it has also not given me any issues after nearly 300 miles. it was just regular steel bar, not any sort of special steel. I hope this helps and good luck Byron Kay, England
  3. Can I second John’s opinion though Experience
  4. This is cool! Dad Collects little military vehicles like this but I’ve never seen a weasel toy
  5. Brilliant Progress Patric! It’s happening. Well done, I enjoy going through your recent pictures and videos cheers Byron
  6. Hi Dave, yes That is correct as far as I can see. cheers, Byron
  7. Wow, nice rare items there! look after them. Cheers, Byron
  8. Thank you Guys, this is what i needed when I was fitting them. Hans Louis on FB can source them I believe. I have also seen the other company sell these tracks on the Facebook page and on Milweb. I am led to believe there were two guys doing the weasel Staman tracks, then they parted ways and one of the guys is still doing them but nothing to do with Staman. If I find the guy I will post his details on here.
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