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  1. Then the next problem, the radiator has decided it’s had enough of life..... this weasel had been sat in a barn for 35 years and not moved. I have had the radiator pressure tested and flow tested but after putting some miles on her, the radiator has formed Crack. It’s currently out and at the repair shop. this is where she broke down
  2. Hi guys, I’ve not posted for a while... I don’t want it to seem like the weasel is all singing and all dancing because that would be an untrue story from most restorations... I’ve had two break downs recently, but luckily very close to home. I can confirm a weasel toes behind a modern vehicle very well! I found the first problem very quickly, starvation of fuel unless I left the fuel pump running for a while, I’d get another 30 seconds of driving again until the carb had emptied. The fuel pump was still humming but only a very small trickle of fuel. The internal pipe from the pump t
  3. Hi Will, it’s taken me 6 months to complete this weasel....... but is it finished..... debatable as I’m still having teething issues now. Radiator had a melt down and decided it had had enough, it cracked last weekend. Previous to that, the fuel pump pipe inside the fuel tank decided to collapse. All these things are 70+ years old and after being put under use after sitting around for a long time they are starting to show their age. the rubber tracks are great. I am making a TM manual on how to fit them just for fun. I’ll post shortly.
  4. Hi Patric, water pumps are Available but they are quite expensive. We bought a spare after we were having troubles with our pump. Believe it or not the repair kit was 2/3rds of the price of an entire new pump.... it made No sense
  5. I’m really keen to know your thermostat outcome John when youve tried it.
  6. Also Patric, your rad doesn’t have the whole for the winch shaft. This won’t be a problem if your not going to have tanks. John needed this whole for his winch
  7. Brilliant work Patric. I love learning all the time with these things and your pictures are very detailed for other people to work off. My last weasel had reinforced tillers and I was happy to leave it. This weasel I have nearly finnished does not. To be honest, I have to apply very little pressure to make the weasel turn nicely. I found using only two fingers means I don't pull too hard and make the weasel snatch into a corner. Light pressure and I feel those bands start to grip. Throwing the weasel into a corner doesn’t feel nice as I’ve experienced recently.
  8. Good question, to be honest, the price for the complete length was only £42 and I was happy to make mine fit as one peace. This also told me that both external stubs were straight and lined up together with how nicely it went through as a tolerance fit. I completely agree with you, if it bends in the middle of the weasel...... we hit a tree smack on.
  9. Hans Louis in Belgium. They are available if you want them. It comes as a full kit
  10. Thank you for posting this. This is the first time i have ever seen these in action. I like the idea. I bet these are rare
  11. Thanks mate. I tried lots of fault finding and it was the condenser was loose in the retaining clip. After I found this it sorted the problem with no hesitation.
  12. Today has been a success 👍 The engine Miss was due to an aftermarket condenser being a very loose fit in the holder that secures it to the dissy base plate. The book clearly states it needs to all be clean for a good ground. After making sure the condenser was a tight fit in the holder, the engine purrs like a kitten. It did take a few process of elimination tests before we got to this. Another 15 miles completed today around our local area including down to Brixham breakwater slipway. This was one of the largest slipways purposely built in 1943 to accommodate 3 LST’s for loading a
  13. They are interesting John. This weasel or the last two didn’t have these. If I’m honest, I don’t even know how they work. thanks for sharing
  14. Thank you Patric for your thoughts. Well without reading your post first, I’ve gone and change the coil first...... whoops. Put it like this, if the coil doesn’t fix the Miss, I’ll be coming straight back to the condenser. In my opinion it’s either the coil or the condenser. im enjoying you videos. I can’t wait to see paint on your beast
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