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  1. Thanks John. I wouldn't really call jingle bells a floater yet. More like a sinker. Heh heh heh! Dave
  2. Hi, I have a rear stretcher bracket with a clamp on it. I see some with a foot pocket. What is correct? is there a rear bracket for the driver's side on a m29? Thanks, Dave
  3. Hi, I have extra stretcher brackets that I would like to trade for the foot pocket brackets. Let me know what you have! Thanks, Dave
  4. Hi, I have a picture of my canvas top hardware. Is this a complete set for 1 top? Am I missing pieces? or do I have extra parts? Thanks! Dave
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a junk canvas top so I can have one made. I need the hardware. Or I'm looking for a good top. I also need the top bows. Thanks! Dave
  6. Hi, I'm putting out feelers. I'm looking for a good snow camo/white weasel (I can paint a green one if necessary) What I really would like is a restored snow weasel, with bad tracks, bad engine, etc. I don't know if I have enough time to build one from my hull I have, this seems like a decent solution. Let me know! Dave
  7. I will do the track pads! And I could use some stretcher brackets (front and rear), ski racks, , seat bottom and backs, and other parts. I will send a text Thanks Dave
  8. I figured they were 12 volt. Hard to argue with dealer when I'm not an expert, but when they come in civilian packaging and have ring terminal ends and are marked 6volt, I could pretty much determine they weren't as advertised. Thanks and I sent you a private message to buy them. Dave
  9. Awesome! And true! Who better than patrick to make the cards! Oh Patrick! 🙂 dave
  10. Well, I received my brass compass bracket! It looks great, steve did a great job. He has several left at this time (7/22/2021) I would like to know what the correct compass nomenclature is for the weasel? Is it a pioneer 1830? or a B16? Thanks, Dave
  11. Hi, I am wondering about the weasel windshield defroster, what is the correct voltage, and how does it plug in? I know it "suction cups" to the front windshield. I was under the impression the leads from the windshield defroster plug into the engine cover power receptacles, and it uses 12 volts? I bought a defroster from a dealer, and it was a 6 volt with ring terminals on the end of the wiring. I am afraid this is not the correct unit? (it was in a civilian marked box, not military) Let me know if you can help! Dave
  12. What about originally off the assembly line? What was the color? Ty Dave
  13. Ok, more color questions. On the original white weasel, was the camo pattern in green or black? Was the canvas top solid white, white with green (or black) paint for camo, or green with white camo paint. Ty Dave
  14. Ok, I like the idea of making it a letterkenny overhaul, but what about the "skin" on the hull sides. Was your letter letterkenny skinned? I'm confident when I pull those there are large holes cut into the hull. Dave
  15. Here are some of my "old rusty" pictures. Some of my questions are: Data plate, hull tag says "m29C-2109" Were these designated M29C at that serial number? The data plate is all screwed up, looks like the letterkenny guys did it, first 2 numbers are stamped out, and 6188 follows (looks like it could have been 1188 then overstamped? Not sure what is going on with that. To the right of the data plate is the letterkenny overhaul tag, showing aug-1954 overhaul date. The outside was "skinned" about 3 " from top, with metal folded over and under the seats. some of the skin folds around the front of the hull. the tracks are nice, as per john from Australia, they are the Antarctic post war tracks, amphillary? Oil can bracket is mounted in battery compartment, next to the air cleaner. It has a steel fuel tank with an electric fuel pump. The main fuel line comes off the electric pump to the filter, and the fuel sender has a built-in pickup tube plumbed directly to the engine primer on the dash. There is a big round hole (factory) in the right hand radiator cover panel, I think this was an update to give more air circulation. The hull plugs were left in, that did not do anyone any favors. I pulled out the plugs and cleaned out the goo, much better. Are those the correct original hand lever grips or fake? Also has the newer style light switch, with a provision on the front float tank for the headlight and a blackout light, with the original hull headlight bracket still welded in place with no light on it. Also, in the rear center of the hull, there was a bracket that appeared to be factory (I think for the heater?) and it had a crappy bilge pump attached to it. I need to know if bracket is original, and I will toss the bilge. I'm wondering on overhaul if they didn't just use whatever parts were laying around, and built this from many weasels? dave
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