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Weasel at the Corowa Military Vehicle gathering Australia


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A couple of weeks back I took the weasel down to the Corowa Military Vehicle meet here in Australia. It is the biggest gathering of MVs here in Oz attracting over 230 vehicles this year. Unfortunately I missed the street parade but part I participated in most other activities. The weasel attracted a lot of interest with having to answer questions like does it float (yes I know!), where is the propeller and what type of guns did it have. Anyway I ticked off one of my weasel to do list items, driving into a servo and filling the tank with petrol. I also took the weasel swimming in the lagoon but not in the river proper as the current was way too strong. I caught up with a lot of like minded MV owners but the 12 hour 900km one way trips trip in the truck were tedious. He is a link to the event https://www.corowaswim-in.org and https://www.facebook.com/corowaswimin?mibextid=dGKdO6


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