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  1. Haha no problem sir. I welcome any rant. Provides me some context with what I am working on. I've been involved in a lot of things over the years. Pretty much every mechanical collector hobby you can get into that's vehicle and ground based EXCEPT military. I learned long ago it pays to listen to the guys who have been there and done that, because they are rare. These things sound like a fun fabrication project with my students. That is.... if I ever get my in person students back this year. Jeeeeepers. I'm still a few weeks out, button up some other projects that needed to be done before I can start on the 2 weasels I picked up. Looking forward to your feedback when I do get at them in mid May! Cheers!
  2. I contacted them as well, as I would certainly order a set. So hopefully a couple emails will inspire another production run.
  3. haha I hear ya. I am thinking I will need quite a few made. I may try it for myself and see where I land. May be a fun project for me and my students.
  4. I am going to rebelt the one for sure, and keep that one original. However... I have some toxic dreams about doing sacrilegious things to the other. I think having that particular one in modern tracks will be a necessity. I wont hijack this thread any further on that though. Thanks for the info!
  5. What are you charging to recondition a bogey?/ are you? I was already thinking about going this route with mine. making poly molds and recasting the bogeys, but it would save me one heck of an education on getting that compound right (I have only ever done this to resin cast) if it meant writing a check that was cheaper then buying them nos off ebay at 75 a pair. Thanks!
  6. Does anyone have contact information for Tony Pearson? I had some questions I wanted to ask him about some posts he made back in the stone age. Thanks!
  7. That tag is missing as well on the 2nd one I am afraid haha!
  8. The tag behind the drivers seat is MIA. The grousers are missing large chunks out of them. The teeth that center them are worn through. Patrick
  9. Dan I am not really sure. Glenn said it was an odd machine to him because it had some parts on it that he said probably shouldn't of been on it. I will ask him for more in depth details on that as I should of written it down. These tracks are going to be a fun fabrication project. The bogies I am assuming I could mold new after I straighten them. The grousers and belts I have some ideas about punching out new ones. I figure I will swap the sprockets on the first weasel so that it's not skipping on the port side. Then get to work on this one. I'm about a month and a half out from swapping those sprockets based on my current to do list getting everything out for summer 🙂 But I can't wait!
  10. Got the second weasel home from Glenn and inside. This ones in a lot worse shape then the other but I'll do something with it. The tub has some rot for sure. The tracks are smoked in every sense. The grousers are shot and the belts are toast. Hasn't run in 5 years but im sure that's as simple as filing the points. Bogie wheels all need to be redone and some straightened. Gas tank and windshield are missing as are the body tags. Simple stuff haha.
  11. Thank you for the input. I think I'll order a set, use the profile to recondition the worn sports I have. As well as make a cad file of what these things are so down the road when they do wear out I can have new ones cut should they bo longer be available.
  12. Found them on ebay. Will be ordering a set today. Thanks!
  13. The sprockets and tracks need a little work but I don't think thats going to be the end of the world. I can probably build up the teeth with weld I would imagine if I know what the profile needs to look like. Unless someone is punching out fresh sprockets. Came with a spare track so I intend to rebuild that one and swap it out for the 1 original track thats on there.
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