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  1. Could you post the motor number of the original motor of this Weasel? I would like to add it my Weasel data base. It would be great if you could also post a photo of the stenciling on the front of the bow tank. I checked my Archives data base of photos and documents but did not find anything in this vehicle. The fact that the differential is painted OD shows it was rebuilt at one time in the vehicles life. Jim
  2. TT2: Your M-29C was built under US Contract T-12815. I checked my list of National Archives photos and documents but did not find this vehicle. A PM with further info was sent to you. Thank You for the info. Jim
  3. Frank, I can't quite make out the motor number from the photo..... Is it 10150 ? This would be a replacement motor as all T-24/M-29/M-29C motor numbers start with T-24- The date is interesting and it may have been part of the Weasel rebuilding program done during WW II. Jim
  4. Jim D wrote, DIYJ. Your weasel would be an M29. They made 1002 T24s. The actual production of the T-24 ( Weasels with main data plates marked "T 24" ) was 1,000 vehicles. There were 2 pilot vehicles hand assembled before production started. But factory kept the Hull # ust-24-0000. It was actually Hull # UST-24-0001 that the factory kept. I do not believe that T24 hull numbers started at UST-24-0000 but at 0001. Your Weasel is most likely the first production M29 This vehicle would not have been the first M-29. The first vehicle with a main data plate marked "M 29" would have been ORD/MFG # 1003. Jim
  5. Nice job on the restoration of your generator........if your rear generator mount is worn out I have a few new ones for $20.00 USD + shipping........
  6. John, Why did you have a problem finding those Weasel parts? The are clearly in the file drawer filed under "W" ....... 🙂 On the bogie wheel assemblies..for those that are following your excellent restoration.....there is a "nub" or projection near the grease fitting ( shown pointing left in your photo). This is on the later vehicles and not the very early ones . It is to indicate which way they go on the machine as they are offset. All of them on one side should point the same way.......on the drivers side they point to the front of the machine and on the other side ( motor side) they all point to the rear.
  7. I have a WW II ORD document that goes over the interchange GPW transmission parts to Weasel. On of the things it covers is using a GPW cluster gear in the Weasel trans. Additional spaces/thrust washers were needed. I will see if I can find it in my computer and post it here.
  8. John, I was sure you did but just wanted to point it out to anyone else that installs them... 🙂
  9. Jim Wrote, "...All weasels prior to 3102 "did not" have the center floor inspection hole for the trans....." Well....yes and no......Weasels before that did not have the access hole when delivered.......however there was a MWO to add this hole on vehicles that did not have it. A hole was to be cut out and a cover fabricated. Many Weasels had this modification done. M29C3284.....the part number for the Pan ( 952391) is the same in all the ORD 9 part manuals I have including the late 1950's one.
  10. John, You did put these seals in the right way ( which is the wrong way for most other applications ) right...? I can't tell from the photos ....the "lip" of the seal should point out of the hub towards the bogie wheel.......and the back part with the rubber/leather seal should be on the inside. This is backwards from the way most seals are installed. On most applications the seal keeps the grease/oil in and water/dirt out. On the Weasel the seal is supposed to let grease out when it is pumped into the bearings and housing. This is to allow the new grease to push water out of the housing/bearings when the vehicle is driven or swam in water. This was part of the after-swimming PM on the vehicle. See TM 9-1772, page 243 for an example. Jim
  11. Aron, Thanks for the confirm.....the 7122 was a typo on my part. Your Weasel was built at the end of contract T-17532. This was the next to the last contract for M-29C units. I asked the confirm because your Hull number is out of sequence with other vehicles in the ORD number range. Jim
  12. John posted: Hi Jim, You might have this weasel in your records. Located here in Australia........... ..........Here is some British weasel info kindly offered by Richard Farrant over on the HMVF forum; <<<All Weasels under Contract Supply Mech 6362 come in five batches of census numbers; X5853143 to 5853242 P5881878 to 5882381 P6160643 to 6160990 P6180709 to 6181208 P6225756 to 6226757 "P" is prefix for amphibs, why the first one is listed as "X" in the copy book of census numbers, I don't know, but it was a mistake somewhere in time as that letter denotes a Trailer. John, One advantage to all this COVID stuff is that the pubs in my town are closed so I have a lot of time to dig in the boxes of Weasel documents I have here...... Years ago I was researching Weasels ( and jeeps, GPA's and GP/BRC/MA) at the Bovington Tank Museum Archives and copied the WD Supply/Mechanical "assembly cards" . I just came across them and I can add more info on this. Richard has a mistake on the prefix for the first contract under S?/M 6362. The correct prefix is P and not X. P5853143 to P5853242 is what is actually listed on the original card for the first contract WD numbers. In addition to WD S/M 6362 there were two other S/M contracts for Weasels. WD S/M Contract 6027 for 1,098 ( originally 1,100) T-24/M-29 "Snow Vehicles" ....or "Truck 10 cwt tracked GS" with WD numbers Z5514686 to Z5515783. The Z is correct and not a typo. WD S/M Contract2944 for 4 Studebaker T-15 "..."Weasels" (amphibious)..." . No WD numbers are listed for these 4 vehicles. Now...a question for you....I have abbreviations for some of the destinations for these vehicles after acceptance in the UK. Most I know but one I do not....maybe you do? UK = United Kingdom ( England) UK adty = UK Admiralty ( British Navy ?) ME = Middle East India = India NA = ???? What would this be? Jim
  13. Aron, Thank you for the info ....... Can you check the ORD/MFG number again? If your Hull number is correct ( M-29C-7122) your ORD number should be 115?? ....or if your ORD number is correct (10159) the hull number should be around 549? to 56??.... If you can confirm your ORD number I can give you the contract it was delivered under and the original USA number.
  14. Brian, How do you know this is a Weasel transmission? This transmission was also used in other vehicles and cars. Might be for one of them?
  15. Just for fun....here are two photos of my former T-15 ORD #414. It was VERY original and the one photo shows the motor compartment and the other shows what is probably the rarest item on a T-15....the canvas cover for the distributor. It is just under the spark plug wire conduit and you can see the snaps on it. Also...note that this motor is still painted in the original Studebaker grey paint which is a blue-grey and not the light gray that most restorations use.
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