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  1. I am aware of the Rob Walsh/Mike Howard band project. I plan to use those for my T15. My T15 grousers and bands are really rough. I bought 3 nice M7 snow tractor tracks that have super nice grousers to use for the restoration. I will either need Mike Howards bands or need to use conveyor belting. My T15 bands are not work working with and the M7 bands are shorter. I have some M29C tracks that have the metal reinforced links on the outside, but the inner bands are missing chunks. I think they could be usable with some minor repair. So- the E6000 is more for that project. (I have several M29C hulls & projects- one restored M29C swimmer) Beautiful work BTW and what an amazing find. My T15 is very complete for a T15, but will need a ton of work. Your tub seems to be in better condition than my starting point. I have rust in a few spots and a little Bubba work to fix.
  2. A Gama Goat is exactly what I was thinking of LOL. I want a Gama really bad, but struggle with wanting an original one vs. one that was more quiet with a gas engine that would be more user friendly and enjoyable. I liked taking my old Weasel out in the snow and down to the desert, but always struggled with carburetor or fuel issues along with track problems. My newer M29C purchase seems more reliable, but I would love to have reliability of the rubber tracks and a modern fuel injected engine when going deep into the woods. Electric would be OK except battery storage and weight and the charging issue. Batteries also tend to be less effective in colder weather and I really want to go explore in the snow with one someday. I have a bucket list goal of taking a Weasel across the Rubicon Jeep trail in the winter.
  3. My thought on a diesel engine is a Weasel is that the noise would be almost unbearable. I have a tub that I plan to re-power. My thought was a Jeep 1993 4.0 inline 6. Its going to be a tight fit though. For a transmission I was going to use a TF999.
  4. Thanks for the E6000 tip. I understand the strength is from the outside bands, but still need a relatively smooth surface for the bogies to roll on. I wonder if the rubber could be removed from M29 bogies and re-glued on the T15 bogies as an option. My plan was to get a mold made at some point. Finding another diluter tank would be difficult. Like most unique T15 parts- hens teeth.
  5. What was you method for repairing the rubber/cracks in the track bands? Any chance you have an extra bogie? I bought the drawings in order to have a mold made, but it would be nice to have at least one original in good condition to help develop a mold.
  6. Wow! Where did you find NOS wheels for the T15?
  7. I posted up on the G- I will take it. Let me know your Paypal address & total. Shipping to Foresthill, CA 95631. You can send info to dirtfab@yahoo.com. Thanks Scott
  8. Double Post? Will add info later. Could not figure out how to delete.
  9. Thanks Patrick! Hopefully once together someone will take it to the next level. Next step was the suspension. This one had several bogies that were not turning smooth, some that were missing, and some that wobbled as the bearings were wasted. I went through each one to get them either turning or replaced with other ones. (I have acquired a pretty good stock of parts over the years.). One Bubba repair required the replacement of the suspension yoke as well. Most of the bogies are WW2 dated and usable. Obviously I would recommend taking apart and putting fresh grease & new seals and in some cases bearings might be needed. That being said, one person can roll the Weasel on the shop floor now. I found the factory tool in conjunction with my gantry made quick work of lifting the bogie assemblies. Next step is to swap a good set of sprockets over onto this one.
  10. Next I got the transmission & driveshaft in along with all of the controls. Floor, detonation box, spot light, & seat backs.
  11. 1st thing I did was get one of my motors running. I have the correct carburetor- which I will get on at a later point. I mostly just wanted to maker sure this one ran good before putting it in. I put the radiator & fan shroud in as well. The original fuel filter is installed, but will not be used at this time- Ill save that for whomever does a full restoration.
  12. Some of the swimmer parts that will go on and go with it. I also have all the upper and lower capstan parts & winch. There is a repro side splash shields and bow shield. The side skirts are original and in amazing condition for being unrestored.
  13. Basically the tub that I started with. It had majority of the suspension, a rubber fuel tank, & some controls.
  14. I have spent the last several years tracking down Weasel parts to build & restore a swimming Weasel. Many parts have been an adventure locating and getting my hands on. Probably one of the most difficult is a really nice pair of the side swim skirts that have not rot in them- which is just amazing. Recently I had the opportunity to purchase a very complete older restored M29C swimmer. So now, I'm putting together the best of my parts to eventually sell to someone as a project to restore. The goal is to get it to an assembled start/run/move/stop status and sell. Anyway- enjoy the pictures and assembly updates. I started with a tub that has what appears to be original artwork/name on the front as it was partially painted over at the time of sale to the public- or at least that appears to be what happened. It says "Ruptured Duck". Serial number is 4642 on original data plate. Body tag is M-29C-568, & registration is 40178564S. Body has typical rust- not as bad a some, but rough in the drivers area and under fuel tank.
  15. Rob, I will take a set. Want me to send you an email or a text to coordinate payment? Thanks Scott
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