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Hull Part Number

max pearcy

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I have contacted the Studebaker Museum to see if they have the original blueprints for the hull.  Their best method for searching the archive is by part number.  In the parts manual I couldn't find a number for the hull itself.  Does anyone know if it exists? Is there another place to access the blueprints?  Any help is appreciated.

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The hull drawing was also something I had been searching for for years. It is not listed in any of the parts catalogs, but I found out that it is only is listed is in an engineering book that lists all parts of the weasel. There is actually two drawings and part numbers you are looking for are:

952800 - Draft - Hull (This is is for the T24 and M29)

954381 - Adaptation - Bow and stern (This is for the M29C)

Just do note, both these drawings are on several sheets/rolls and therefore not cheap. 

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The Museum has sent me a question concerning the plan #953481.  They are wondering if the plan number is really #954381.  They found the other plan ok but are having trouble matching up the second one.  Can anyone confirm this number?

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