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Index of MVPA Magazine Weasel Articles


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This is the index of MVPA Weasel articles.  This might be helpful to round out the number of articles on this site if people have the different Army Motors and History in Motion.  I can't speak to copyright issues but I don't think the older editions would be an issue.  I'm getting a big stash of magazines when I get my M-29C over president's day weekend so I may be able to get some of these myself.

LTC (ret) Tim

Issue Number Page Category Title Author  
22 10 AMPHIBIAN Weasel History Part 1
McDonald, Robert E., Jr.
23 4 AMPHIBIAN Weasel History Part 2
McDonald, Robert E., Jr.
24 11 AMPHIBIAN Weasel History Part 3
McDonald, Robert E., Jr.
25 10 AMPHIBIAN Weasel History Part 4
McDonald, Robert E., Jr.
34 12 AMPHIBIAN History of The Studebaker Weasel
McDonald, Robert E., Jr
35 17 TECH TALK Weasel Features
McDonald, Robert E., Jr.
37 45 AMPHIBIAN History Of The Studebaker Weasel, Part 6
McDonald, Robert E., Jr.
68 21 TRUCK 1 Weasel: The US Army's World War II Light Tracked Cargo Carrier
Schreier, Konrad F., Jr.
70 55 HISTORY Tale of Two Cities-And the Disposal of WW II Studebaker Weasels
Rodgers, M. L. 'Pete'
73 28 EVENT Ardens' First Weasel Meet Witmeur, Andre  
87 40 EVENT High Mountain Norwegian Adventure Overvik, Trond  
103 IFC PHOTOS Operation Christmas Card 2002 - 1945 M29C, 1942 M29, M3A1 Stuart Various  
104 61 NAME?RANK?SERIAL NUMBER Studebaker M29 Weasel Ballard, Clell G.  
106 IRC PHOTOS Weasel Loading - 1949 Kludt, Jack  
129 IFC PHOTO Water Weasel Adams, Anna  
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