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5 sets of Tracks for sale


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I have 5 sets of tracks for sale:

  1. Unused 20" refurbished set of tracks still on pallet stored with spools to no kink bands with the outer bands being same style as the inner.IMG_0385.thumb.JPG.31832b093b7052763c0b69eb9143c89f.JPGIMG_0387.thumb.JPG.8f202c8cdb8d7dd2e2ce6f8e2db5b09b.JPG
  2. Complete set of narrow tracks - in tact and used.  Still serviceable but showing age and use. (not pictured)
  3. Half broken set of 20" tracks - (SOLD)
  4. Complete set of french tracks - in tact set with some rubber deterioration and small amounts of exposed roller chain. (worst section pictured) 20230914_191713.thumb.jpg.d1ba0d8dac44417dcad5aef5185de4c1.jpg20230914_190056.thumb.jpg.410c6541758718870e3868da3eed553e.jpg20230914_185757.thumb.jpg.037e237da151bd389ae95d7dba811dcd.jpg
  5. Broken set of french tracks - each track is broken in 1 location.  More deterioration and exposed roller chain than the complete set.20230914_190000.thumb.jpg.ea95878e760246a3f3e456143785b369.jpg20230914_190138.thumb.jpg.b3133381189cd55750fe7b42d76bb86d.jpg

All tracks are located in Turlock CA.  Forklift on site to load on trailer or truck.  Willing to work with shipping if arranged by buyer.

Any offers for these tracks can be texted to 209 620 2748

Anything not sold by Nov 1st will go to highest bidder on ebay.



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