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   I am wondering about the weasel windshield defroster, what is the correct voltage, and how does it plug in?

I know it "suction cups" to the front windshield.  I was under the impression the leads from the windshield defroster plug into the engine cover power receptacles, and it uses 12 volts?


I bought a defroster from a dealer, and it was a 6 volt with ring terminals on the end of the wiring.  I am afraid this is not the correct unit?  (it was in a civilian marked box, not military)


Let me know if you can help!


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I figured they were 12 volt. Hard to argue with dealer when I'm not an expert, but when they come in civilian packaging and have ring terminal ends and are marked 6volt, I could pretty much determine they weren't as advertised. 


Thanks and I sent you a private message to buy them.



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