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Studebaker 6 Cyl. Engine.


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Hello everyone. I hope all are well and having fun with their Weasels. I am reaching out for some engine specs. and differences. Oct. 2020 I purchased a 170 Stude engine, I was told that it came out of a '50's era truck. It was pretty much complete from the fan to the throw out bearing. I didn't do much more than pull the head and de-carbonize the top end, oil everything, button it back up and put it under a small tarp. 

Here's where the fun starts, three days ago I pulled the water pump from my Weasel engine and tried to install it into the truck engine. No surprise, it did not fit. So before I go and spend more than my initial $50.00 on this boat anchor, can anyone please tell me just how many parts of this truck engine will fit into/onto the Weasel engine? 

Thanks in advance. Dave.  

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Hello Dave

Your weasel water pump should fit. You did also remove the water pump adapter from your weasel engine? 

The parts, that I can think off from the top of my head, that differs between the weasel and the car/truck engine is as follows; Oil pan, bell housing, back plate, distributor, distributor adapter, water pump, water pump adapter and generator mount. The rest of the parts should be the same. 

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Thank you to both M29C3284 and Guido Ferluga for responding. No 3284, I did not remove the W.P. adapter. I didn't know that one was there, I'll look today. I purchased the truck engine because #5 cyl. in my weasel engine is stuck. So if all internal parts, clutch and flywheel assembly, head and maybe some others will interchange, I'll just strip the truck engine down, save the parts and rebuild the engine in my Weasel. Thanks Guido for the insight on modifying holes. This helped in my decision to rebuild what is in my Weasel. I appreciate you guys. 

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