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M29C throw out bearing and clutch problem

Idaho Jim

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My m29c may have the incorrect clutch and throw out bearing. Trying to sort this out.

Are there 2 different throw out bearings? I know I have the correct bell housing. It even has the exhaust header pipe clamp on the side. Unfortunately, the throw out bearing I have is too big to fit on the cross shaft. The 2 little arms on the shaft are too narrow for the bearing. Maybe the clutch is too big, too. I suspect the bell housing I originally got with it was from a pickup truck, along with the incorrect tranny. I now have a T96 that bolts right up but the bearing is considerably larger than the two little arms on the shaft. 

Were there different sizes of clutches, bearings, and bell housings for these rigs?


Idaho Jim

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Hi Jim,

    I would like to suggest a resource for engine parts. 
StudebakerParts.Com.         I just recently began to get some parts from them. From what I gather the Champion engine comes with an 8” and 8 1/2” clutch and pressure plate that are not compatible with all trucks. 
You may have truck parts. 
     The web site shows many options that would interest a Weasel build. Recently I purchased, exhaust heat riser replacement parts. Manifold to pipe gasket and studs, connecting rods that accept shell rod bearings. 
    Listed are all different bore size pistons and the list goes on and on. 
    The owners name is Russ and he is all about Studebakers and knows a thing or two about Weasels. 
    This looks like a good resource. The prices seem to be in line. 
    When we began this adventure I joined the Studebaker drivers club here in Wisconsin to learn another aspect of this machine. These members get excited about Weasels too and share the little tricks that they realize will help. 
Good luck


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