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Generator "Motor" Test.


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Good Day Men. I haven't been too active since Patrick started this wonderful Web-Page. BUT, I have been working on some small parts for the engine most recently. I have successfully rebuilt my 1st. ever generator. It was so simple, I'm kind of kicking myself for not doing the ones for my G-506 trucks, I just saved about $350.00 by NOT having my "go-to" shop do it. I digress. 

Here is a short video of the motoring test of the generator. There are two recent videos of it being torn down and then reassembled on my channel. Thanks for watching. Enjoy.


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Greetings!  Nice job.

I had an local auto electrical guy show me how to refurb starters/generators about 20 years ago.  Great guy - Vietnam vet....I went in one day with  bad starter and he took me to the bench, took it apart and told me how to undercut the mica and get it running again.

He was so busy he was happy to get me out of the shop 😂



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