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damaged fuel tank


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The weasel that I purchased has the bullet resistant fuel tank(M29C). The Tank must have had ethanol fuel in it as it is damaged. It also sat for a number of years with fuel in it. Has anyone tried repairing the fuel tank. The first task will be to clean it out. 


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I have that same fuel tank. I read the ingredients for a hole repair and it all sounds very toxic. 
many years ago I know someone that had a metal gas tank repair done for his pickup truck. At that time an internal liner was fabricated for the tank. Maybe something like that is still available. I’m not sure I want to trust the rubber tank for myself. For now I intend to use something else and get to this rubber unit later. I would hate for the rubber to melt or dissolve and plug the filters and carburetor. I have considered cutting away the front of the fuel tank to put a smaller one inside. Then mend the outside rubber to make it look right. And you probably know by now how difficult it is to remove the self sealing tank. Not an easy one to do a second time. All kinds of ideas but I’m on step M and that one is about X. 
Good luck


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