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M29 Project For Sale

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I have an M29 project for sale to a good home.  The hull number is T24-2003 which makes it at the end of the first gen M29's - very similar hulls to the T24.  Norwegian mods.

The good:

Undercarriage appears to have been gone through and all of the bogies and springs etc. appear to be in good condition and in need of only routine maintenance. Missing bogie set in picture will be replaced.

Comes with decent examples of most panels other than the engine cover and the rear floor panel.  I may be able to supply those two panels in poor condition, but no promises.

Complete or nearly complete engine in need of rebuild.  Internal condition unknown.

Two WW2 era 20" tracks.  They are in need of repair and banding and may have breaks, missing road pads and bent grousers.  That being said, they could be nice if banded and a few grousers replaced.

Final drive appears to be in good condition and turns freely.

Original hull tag.  The dataplate is a repro and has incorrect information on it so useless by my calculation.

The bad:

The T90 transmission looks ugly (rusty) but might clean up.  Parts are readily available for this transmission.

The hull needs extensive work. 

Hull was skinned on the front and rear panels by a PO and then had those panels removed (rear) and partially removed (front) by another PO.  I believe the front is salvageable but will need repairs.  I would probably replace the entire rear panel. I do have the removed sheet metal which has the pioneer tool brackets - they look homemade to me.

There is a good amount of rot on the floors and hat channels.  I would expect to replace these floors and most of the hat channels.

The hull has side skirts.  I have not spent enough time to know whether this hull should have them (think no, but?) and whether they look original.  Adding them certainly makes the job of installing a new floor pretty easy. 

You could probably do some quick repairs, band the tracks, rebuilt the motor and transmission and go play.  Or, replace the floors and do a little work on the front and back and have a sweet example of a 1st gen M29.

$4000 OBO






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Have an interest. Sending you a text message about it. Hope we can work something out.

Stay Safe Everyone.

Later 42rocker

Also if side skirts are the angled pieces at the bottom of the sides then mine has them also. Mine also has the 4 sets of 6 bolts at the top of the sides. However my "side skirts" are not made of as many pieces as shown in the picture. My Weasel does not have the original data plates either. I texted you a picture of the rebuild data plate several days ago. 


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Greetings @42rocker Tim.....so the side skirts are likely not original on this machine...I am still not sure.  It is an M29, the earliest of which came with 15" tracks and no side skirts.  The bolt holes on the sides are for parachute brackets - found on the T24 and also the early (maybe first 1000) M29's, although the M29's never had the actual brackets - just the holes and mounting points on the inside. 

I left you a VM, but am heading to the shop.  Talk soon.

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