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Greetings all!


I am from Wisconsin near the Frozen Tundra and a avid designer and 3D printer... a consummate tinkerer.
I have recently been 3D printing various vehicles and turning them into RC controlled vehicles.  I would 
love to work on 3D model of the Weasel and RC the vehicle.  I would also like to do it correct scale at 1:6.

Here is where I could really use some help.  I am really looking for ANY reference material that might be
available that has dimensions, measurements, etc.  There are some orthographic drawings online but
they offer VERY little in the way of size, dimensions, etc.   Even if you feel like throwing a measuring tape
of your project vehicle, it would be a GREAT help to me!!!!

If I get enough help to be able to create a fairly decent representation, I might make the files available to
the group for anyone interested.

Really do appreciate your time and effort, and your amazing  ability to keep a part of history alive!


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Interesting handle. There are some good publications from Portrayalpress that would be of help with your project. I would recommend beginning there. TM9-1772 has 2 drawings on pages 257 & 258 with hull dimensions.  This would be an excellent start point to determine if this is complicated or not for your equipment. Also you would find suspension parts with no dimensions in that manual. 
Where in Wisconsin are you located? We are from there too. If you can get your email to us it may be possible for us to provide information and be of assistance. 

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CUrtis JOseph 31  - so used to using this handle that I use it on almost all forums I visit.

Cujo3131@yahoo.com is the easiest e-mail to contact me at these days.  I am in Wisconsin
in Sherwood, which is just outside of Appleton near High Cliff State Park.  I have started mocking
up the basic shape of the design, but any and all info would be a great help.  I have never seen
one of these in person so I am going off of what information I can glean from photos etc.  I
really do appreciate you reaching out with any information.



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