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Weasel Drawings to share


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Attached are a series of drawings that I have made over the years to help with the restoration of my Weasel. Feel free to share and use them but please be aware that there may be some dimensional mistakes/errors in them, so if it is at all possible, double check the dimensions. To covert to the old imperial measurements, just divide the metric millimetre dimension by 25.4. That will give you decimal inches.


John W.

Bottom Plate - Dry Air Cleaner Mod.pdf Top Plate - Dry Air Cleaner Mod.pdf Capstan Winch - Cable Bracket - Floor.pdf Capstan Winch - Cable Bracket.pdf Capstan Winch - Cable retainer Bolt - Clamping collar.pdf Capstan Winch - Cable retainer Bolt - Clutch Actuator.pdf Capstan Winch - Upper drive shaft.pdf Fuel Tank channel without bend radius.pdf Part1- Capstan Drive Sleeve.pdf T24 Crank Support.pdf T24 Towing eye stiffening plate.pdf Universal Joint Dimensions.pdf Water pump bearing.pdf Weasel Capstan Drive flange.pdf Weasel Capstan Shaft - Clutch to Uni.pdf Weasel Rudder cable end.pdf (2).pdf Weasel Seat belt retaining clamp-1.pdf 90565A360_GRADE 8 STEEL HIGH HEX NUT.pdf Flotation Tank Washer.pdf Pipe Nipple - Weasel fuel tank drain.pdf Return Roller shaft.pdf Weasel Front Axle Sheet 1 .pdf Weasel Front Axle Sheet 2 .pdf Weasel Front Axle Sheet 3 .pdf Windscreen frame retainer screw 2.pdf Windscreen frame retainer screw.pdf Wiper motor gasket.pdf Pin - Capstan universal joint to drive flange.pdf Pin Capstan drive shaft sleeve SD900484.pdf Transmission Mount.pdf Weasel Capstan Drive flange.pdf Control Rod Lengths - Page 236.pdf Marker Lamp Riser Conduit.pdf Rudder Pin as Measured.pdf Weasel Idler Drive wheel gasket.pdf Final drive hull drain hole plate.pdf Final drive hull drain hole.pdf

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