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Is anyone reproducing Hull Tags?


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  • D.R.H. changed the title to Is anyone reproducing Hull Tags?
On 7/11/2022 at 7:25 AM, D.R.H. said:

My M29-C Weasel is missing the Hull Tag just above where the radio is installed. How do we figure out the number is and is anyone reproducing them?

@D.R.H.Not that I know of. Robert at Dataplates4U reproduced mine but I am led to believe that nowadays he does not reproduce the hull tag. Having said that, 742322224_2012111a.thumb.jpg.bec5b183113d97c95d7108e7a5f0b7eb.jpgIt might be worth again asking the question of Robert. I must admit he did an excellent job on my hull tags. Not quite concourse but better than no hull tag.

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Thanks Oz. I appreciate Your input, I'll contact Him and find out. James D. on the FarceBeek page was able to narrow My hull tag down to within 35 Units. M-29-C 4250 through 4285. After doing some research, I have learned that the serial numbers and the hull tag numbers were not always concurrent. So getting me in this ball-park is okay by me. She'll tell me what her number was as I get closer to completing the restoration, they always do. 

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@D.R.H. I will let you in on a little secret. I had to do the same thing and do a guestimate on my hull number. My hull number is very close as Jim Gilmore had the sister weasel to mine. One ORD number different. Jim like James D is very knowledgeable on weasel serial numbers and suggested a close if not actual hull number for my weasel.

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