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Broken Axle Shaft


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So, todays trip didn't go as planned😢. just as I was hitting the trail, I snaped the driver side drive shaft. Instead of hauling supplies, I spent the day pulling the final drive apart.

The question I have is, can the broken piece of shaft be knocked out from the other side or do I have to tear it all apart? Everything looks fine and nothing is binding up. There doesn't seem to be any slop in the gears nor excessive free play either.

I'm hoping that there is an easy way to get the piece of shaft out, so I can get it back together without too much trouble.



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@Patrick TiptonSorry I should have said axle shaft😕. Thats what happens when I try to post late at night, and I am half asleep.

I'll try to post some pics later. I didn't have my camera with me, at the time.

At least it picked a good place to break down. It could have been out in the woods but happened eight at the edge of the parking spot, on the driveway, not out in the woods.

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The end of the broken axle shaft had bound up slightly but came out fairly easy by tapping it from the other side with a piece of wooden dowel. When I checked the parts stash that I got with the weasel, I not only found NOE axels but also 2 sets of NOE brakes🙂, so those will get replaced also. The old ones have lots of groves, even though the brake bands are in really good condition. The bands must have been replaced sometime in the past. I also decided to replace the end bearings and races even though they appear to be fine.

I'll try to get some pics when I put it back together.

Thanks, Brad

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