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Weasels! They just seem to multiply!


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Once you own a weasel, it seems you tend to keep an eye out for more, if for no other reason a source of spare parts.

I found this m29C about a month ago and was able to make a trade for a trailer I didn't need😎.  It was used to haul stuff to a gold mine a few times a year during the summer months. Rocks sure did a number on the tracks and hauling heavy gear didn't help out the cargo area any either.


Loaded and ready for the 4 hour trip home.

I'm not sure if I'm going to try to restore it or keep it for parts. Supposably the engine did run good but is not running at this time due to the fuel tank nor electric systems being hooked up. The engine had been rebuilt in 1954 by the Mt Ranier Depo.



Here are a few pics.


Anyone else ever use a T96 trans?


2nd set of springs are tilted back might be due to bent up tube. Surprisingly it still has the front 2 cover plates yet.


The previous owner had started to rebuild 1 track and the other had been partially rebuilt in the past.


Heavy plating had been used to fix the tub above the tracks. 


The only data plate.

I am still trying to get the one I found last year, so I will definitely get this engine running since the other one is locked up after sitting for 70 years. I am hoping all I have to do is put the generator back on, replace the plug wires and hook up a fuel source to test run it.

All comments and suggestions are welcome🙂.

Thanks, Brad







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Congrats Brad!  Looks like a decent machine with tons of good parts.  The hull is not too bad...we usually get worse here on the East Coast...

1.  I have one M29 that had the same transmission - it is almost a drop in swap for the T84.  I think that is a later CJ jeep transmission if my memory serves me.

2.  Looks like they put a "glass pack" on the exhaust system - NICE!

You definitely have the illness 🙂


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