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I have looked all over online for information on the differential in the weasels (t24, m29, m29c). I can see from one of my manuals from portrayl press that it is a clark 3-127D-1. But I can't find out anything beyond that, like the high and low speed ratios, the axle ratio, torque, etc. 

Does anyone know much about these? 


Also, I'm looking for similar information on the T84 transmission. I have found that the jeep versions have a ratio of 2.94 for 1st gear, 1.94 for 2nd gear, and 1 for 3rd gear. Does anyone know what the ratio is for reverse? And is this information the same on the T84J? I'm assuming it would be, but you know what they say about assuming, lol.


Thank you, 


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Did you look in the specifications section at the end of TM 9-1772?  I am not sure that information is published.....don't remember seeing it.

I did do a quick Google search and it looks like you can figure it out by counting teeth 😂  sounds like a homework assignment!

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