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Generator trouble

Larry Mass

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Hi all I have a generator that does turn whe you put power to but doesn't spin as fast as it should. I hooked it up to a motor and ran it to see what voltage comes out of it and it only puts out 8 to 10 volts I think they should put out13 to 14 volts am I right? The generator is out of my t15 weasel, I am wandering if any one would have a suggestion why it's not putting out the required voltage.

Thanks in advance 



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If the generator "motors" when hooked to a power supply, it is likely fine. 

These generators have variable output which is controlled by the amount of voltage being directed into the field coil.  This is all controlled by the voltage regulator. 

If you hook the generator up to a power supply (or have it running in the machine) and take a lead from the positive terminal of your battery to the field terminal on the generator, and have a volt/ohm meter reading the output, you will watch the output increase well over the 12 volts that you need.  Don't leave this setup on too long...just watch the output climb up to 13-14 volts....you have successfully proven that the generator is up to its designed task.

If you aren't getting 13.8 volts at startup, and the generator has passed the above test, you have a voltage regulator issue. 

Report back and we can go from there.


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Thanks Patrick for your knowledge and quick reply. I have the engine out of the machine so I thought I would check the alternator because it would be almost impossible to get it out in the machine. Yes it does motor.

Thanks again


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