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    M29C,M19 truck,Trailer,M1A1 Ward,M4,M5 HST,M2 halftrack,969A,Federal C2,7123 COE,M37 and more.
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    Excelsior, Minnesota, U.S.A.

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  1. What is the OD. and width of that A-307453 seal, Is it 2.457 inch. Is the shaft size 1.562 inch Jeff
  2. I would say you would have to stagger the joints or making a angled cut on the ends to make the splice over 2 pads or so. Looks good Dave,How many times did you pinch your fingers ? Jeff
  3. I will be doing this untill the bands are done,I was going to do this 15 years ago but things happen. One problem I see here is WHERES THE SNOW !!! Jeff In Minnesnowda
  4. Hi all, I'm interested in getting a group of us together who want to reproduce original and affordable Weasel tracks instead of the custom jobs you see (using cables, chains, conveyor belting, etc.). Those of us that own half-tracks went through a similar problem and eventually solved it - half-track tracks are now reasonably priced and available, and I hope to start something like that for the Weasel. I bought my M29C more than 20 years ago and was gun-ho about getting it going, but when thinking about tracks doused that fire. I have the belting to go that way, but I want the tracks to look original and I assume I'm not alone in this. Jeff Jensen
  5. Patrick I hope this brings many or all weasel owners together and we can solve all probloms with it. Jeff M29C
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