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  1. To answer a couple of your other questions, there are latches to secure the windshield to the brush guard. Regarding loading as you can see I loaded mine on forwards, the bulkhead of the Weasel is it's centre point so I loaded mine with the centre point just forward of the centre axle of the trailer so the weight was biased toward the hitch Chris
  2. I picked mine up from the docks 18 months ago, tracks chocked front and rear, ratchet straps on the pintle hook and crisscrossed on the idler wheels and drive wheels and finally the winch cable around the idler wheel arms….didn’t budge an inch!
  3. @OZM29C did you find the original tooth profile? I'm thinking of getting my old sprockets repaired and it would be good to know what profile I'm aiming for
  4. My thoughts exactly! An update, my sprockets have worked out a little more costly to be hardened than I thought due to the way they price these jobs. They're priced on weight so you pay to treat the whole piece but I didn't want the rear faces hardened in case they damage the track guides so there was an extra charge added for coating the areas you don't want hardened! It wasn't very much though and the four of them have still come in under £140 so not too bad.
  5. @Patrick Tipton That's really bad and from what I've learned now there's no excuse for it. I went to two local hard facing companies and they both told me that the factory spec really isn't very hard and that there's steel plate available that has a compatible hardness, think it might have been EN31 but I'm not sure. I checked Accu-Rite's listing and our sprockets are made from hot rolled mild steel and when I checked it has a hardness rating half of the factory spec! I was also told that there are welding rods available with various hardness ratings so in theory it may be possible to repair the sprocket teeth. Weasel ownership really is a learning curve isn't it?
  6. Well I've solved my problem, I hope! I couldn't find anyone that flame hardens but I found a local company that will carburise the sprockets to the hardness that I want and at a very reasonable price, so reasonable that I wonder why the manufacturer doesn't harden them as standard.
  7. Yes, I read that recently, that the teeth should be hardened but to a lower level than the grousers. Procedure as follows - ‘Flame harden contact surfaces of teeth 1/16” deep to Shore Hardness 70 minimum. Heat to 843 degrees Celsius - quench in oil - draw to Brinnel Hardness 241-269/Rockwell Hardness C 24-27. Hope this makes sense and that it helps. It doesn’t mean much to me but I’m going to go to my local machine shop and see what they say Chris
  8. Hi Tomek, thanks for your post. I bought the sprockets on eBay but haven't fitted them yet. I've got to say yours look really worn for having only done 200 km, I asked a local machine shop about hardening when I bought them and they advised against it, guess I'll go back and see them 😞
  9. No he doesn't ship, I forgot to mention that. I know someone here in the UK that has a set but he had to go over to the Netherlands to collect Chris
  10. @Dake20 yes they are available from Oscar Wennink in the Netherlands, you'll find him on Facebook
  11. @Kevin Vogel There you go, it’s a Baldwin P53 Chris
  12. It's a standard Junior Military filter, a Mann PF1155 is a modern day equivalent. I've got a Baldwin in the workshop that you might find easier to get but I can't remember the number, I'll take a look tomorrow Chris
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