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  1. Interesting that your leg rests against that. My leg rests against the insulation above and in front of that. I would imagine that area to get hot as it is the heater duct. Seriously though, stuff something in it to block the flow of hot air.

  2. When at rest, the oil level is below the laberynth seal. If you over fill the oil, it will run out there. As for the dibris, maybe it’s coming from inside the bell housing. The clutch makes a lot of dust and junk. If your going to pull the engine, I would wait until further inspection before trying to start it. 

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  3. Ive learned that “rebuilt engine” can mean just about anything. Sometimes it means “new spark plugs”. Once it meant that they pulled the head, and honed the cylinders with the pistons still in them. The honing compound was dripping down into the oil pan. That engine wouldn’t have ran long. Another time, the engine sat in a machine shop after ”rebuild”. It was full of metal chips, and mice, and had a water pump hole drilled too deep, and into one of the cylinders. I never run an engine, from any source, until it has been completely disassembled and gone thorough by me. If a seller says he’ll “get it running” first, it’s a deal breaker. The worst thing you can do with an engine that has sat for many years is to run it. Not that I’m any genius, I just want it done right. I dont want my customers coming back to me with complaints.

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  4. There really doesnt need to be a gasket between the oil pickup and block. It should be a very close tolerance fit, and some Permatex should be sufficient. BTW, I started a fresh rebuilt International Harvester halftrack engine today. No problems.

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  5. Nothing bonehead about making the effort to tackle a project like that. The oil pump to block connection usually uses a very thin paper gasket. Those are usually machined surfaces. Almost like they are matched. Sometimes a cork gasket with sealant on it will try to squeeze out the side of the connection. Maybe it squeezed out and is blocking the hole. Just guessing. I had a CCKW that had no oil pressure after rebuild. The distributor shaft wasnt fully seated. It was seated enough for the distributor to work, but not enough to engage the oil pump shaft. Always something.

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  6. Is it possible that something went wrong with the oil pick up during assembly. Maybe it fell off?  Things happen. Did you take the screen off and clean it out, then blow air through it?  Or, was that the machine shops job?  

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