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Tips on Using This Site

Patrick Tipton

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I studied quite a few different forum offerings before settling on this one.  It looks a little different than what most of us are used to, but has a lot of great features and should prove to be a great platform over time.

1.  Tags:

When you go to post a new topic, you are required to add a tag.  You can add as many tags as you want.  Please try to help others by carefully selecting the topics covered in your post.

What these tags do is allow forum members to quickly find relevant posts and information.  You can immediately search the whole site by clicking on the tag in the header of a post.  This will search the whole site and give you a list of every place the tag has been used.  As the forum grows and more posts are added, this will become invaluable because, as an example, you could quickly see every post that discusses track restoration.

2.  Reputation:

This feature takes the "Like" concept from other social media platform and gives every user a rating based on the number of times their posts get a like.  You lose points if you post something that someone doesn't like.  This isn't a popularity contest, but it has the potential to help new members quickly sort through and identify helpful and knowledgeable folks and maybe offers a little incentive to keep mouths clamped firmly shut if there is nothing positive to add.  Time will tell.

Please be generous with your comments and your likes where deserved.

3. Photos

This site has fantastic photo abilities.  No need to resize pictures or host them on some other site that may hold you hostage in the future.  Post your high resolution pictures and videos and enjoy.  If you are taking really high quality pictures, you may want to keep them around 1 meg so we don't eat up too much bandwidth, but we can adjust settings if this becomes a problem.

You can post your pictures in your posts or create your own gallery at the gallery tab.  Kindly tag your pictures too.

4.  Signatures **NEW

Signatures are a fun way to let people know who you are, what you care about and also provide relevant links like rebuild threads or a link to your business, social media, etc.  For what it is worth, Joe Dope thought it was a great idea to put a political quote in his signature.  You will find the place to create your own personal signature in the menu on the upper right hand corner (where you see the carrot and your log in name) under "Account Settings."  You can link to other sites, post pictures and more...works just like the rest of this site.  The spacing in the signature block defaults to double spaced..."control return" on your keyboard will give you single spaces.  Email us if you run into any problems and we can try and help you out.


It is easy for us to upload files and make them available to forum members.  We plan on having a complete library of Weasel PDF manuals that will be available for download.  If folks have documents they would like to share, you may post them in the Downloads section - they get moderated so you will not see them made available until a moderator approves them. 

One quick note - we do respect copyrights so kindly don't post someone else's work.

6.  Mobile App for iPhone and Android

There will soon be a release of mobile apps for the iPhone and Android - Q1 of 2020.  They are in beta right now but look slick.  Stay tuned.

All for now.


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1 hour ago, Rob W said:

HI Patrick,

Looks like I posted twice in the buy/sell section is there an easy way to delete one of these?

For that matter how do you edit posts? I am prone to typos.

Thanks, Rob

You should be able to edit any of your posts.  There should be an "edit" link at the bottom of your post.  Kindly let me know if there is not one.....I may have it set up wrong....

As for deleting a post....may be admin only....will do.


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On 3/21/2021 at 3:38 PM, Will Dodge said:

Hello Patrick, 

Is there a way to select the newest post on a thread? Newest content to show to oldest? 

Just checking. 

Thanks Will....it is a little annoying...I guess I have just gotten used to it.  I will poke around and see...you should be able to jump to newest posts.

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