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I just signed up for torture and abuse. I am on my 3rd. Weasel, the first two being a T-24 and an M29. I had them back in 2004-07. I have located a conveyor belt seller here in town, have purchased enough to rebuild my broken track. After doing some research and asking questions, the belt will be stronger than the original bands with the same flexibility. It took me just under 6 hours to drill all the rivets out of 1 track, 660 rivets. If anyone decides to go this route, hang onto the original track hardware as it can be used again to reassemble the outer belts.


Type 3 Track Rebuild (4).JPG

Type 3 Track Rebuild (8).JPG

Belt Inspection (1).JPG

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Welcome aboard!  Hopefully the only abuse you get is drilling out all of those rivets!  Keep those posts and pictures coming - everyone with original tracks has these issues so it is great to see the tools and techniques people are using to repair them.

Also, I added a "track" tag to your post.  If anyone clicks a tag in the header of your post, it will automatically open up a window with all of the posts, pictures and articles relating, in this case, to tracks.  This will be extremely helpful as the site grows.  PBT

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