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M29C 7333 Track Apron repairs


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Back in 2008 and purely by chance I found five pairs of track aprons here in Australia. They say in life that you have to have a win sometimes and in this case it was finding my track Aprons. As you know track aprons are made of unobtainium and I was not sure at that time what I was going to do to find a set for my weasel. Just digressing from the story, In 2007 my offsider and I brought into the country a dilapidated M29C floater. Anyway before we brought it down to my place, my offsider took it to put on display at a Studebaker Car meet on the Gold Coast. During that meet a fellow walked up, pointed at the surf shield on the front float tank and said that he knew where another one was. The only other surf shield I know of that was available in Australia was from a Amphibious GPA Jeep. Email addresses were exchanged and a few weeks later a photo arrived showing a weasel surf shield. From what I can gather, five m29C weasels were imported into Australia in the late 1940's to be used as ski tows.

Here is an interesting link to their story;


Before being modified most of the amphibious gear was dumped. And that's where it stayed until we recovered it many years later. Included in the booty were rudders, water ejectors ventilator lids, floor panels and a surf shield.







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The track apron brace retainer clips were originally riveted in place. Unfortunately the rivets had frozen solid with rust which meant that I had to drill all of them out. Rather than re rivet them I have opted to hold the retainer clips in place with M8 button head screws.



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