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Track tensioning

Larry Mass

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Hi to all i hope everyone is safe and well. I got 1 track on my t15 after putting belting on the outside and inside of the track i also re rubbered the drive wheels idler wheels and return wheels. I don't have a track tensioning guage my question is how do i tell if the tension on the track is correct.  I took the shims out of the stop bracket and the track still looks to tight to me so i am wandering if there is a way to tell if its to tight.




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I just use a porta power to push on the rear axle pivot to adjust your spring adjusters to the tension desired. Make sure you don't mix up the spacer blocks on the tensioners the thicker spacer goes closest to the spring end and should also have a flat 1/16 or so shim. Get the track where it feels tight and has some up and down play and that's about it no real science to it. I have attached a parts diagram showing the adjusters and shims. Hope this helps.



Larry Mass Drawing.png

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