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Wiper Arms and Blades

Will Dodge

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@Will Dodge Wiper arms and blades are made of unobtanium 😀 and are almost impossible to find replacements. Below is a reference photo for you.

My advice would be to have a chat with Wiperman and see if he can set you up with a period alternative. https://rebuildingtricowipers.com/ Wiperman.com

BTW he does not have anything for a weasel in stock nowadays. Years ago I purchased the last replacement blades he had.

Good luck with your search.


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I tried the wwii jeep arms. They work great. Not perfectly original but I'm happy . Appears to be the correct splines end, with the jeep style hook blade which is easier to get than the anco elephant trunk blade.




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57 minutes ago, RAS1 said:

Now, next question, does the electric wiper conversion mean you still use the manual wiper arm as well?1623977401733803623155203637222.thumb.jpg.5d7d0d34cee8a178e8ee5b3c2d5b7a1c.jpg

If you are aiming for the OEM look, then yes. Keep in mind that the OEM mechanical wiper arm is 9inches in length as opposed to the Motor driven 10inches arm. Wiper blades are all the same length.

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